‘Fallout 4’: DLC Ideas To Consider Based On Previous ‘Fallout 3’, ‘Skyrim,’ And ‘New Vegas’ Mods [Rumors]

Fallout 4 DLC rumors and speculations are still buzzing around the internet, with fans and the blogosphere combining theories with other players based on clues found in the game. Geek has even come up with its own ideas of what should be in future DLCs and that the inspiration should be taken from previous open-world games mods that stem from Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim.

Bethesda said last year that it was willing to hear fan feedback in regards to the DLC, according to the International Business Times. Director and game designer Todd Howard is willing to listen to what the fans want, so it would make sense that whatever has been buzzing around the internet regarding clues in Fallout 4 gets back to Bethesda. Also included are the aforementioned Bethesda games and how influential they should be in future DLC content. Is Bethesda Games willing to listen and take them up on it?

Although the previous games have been out for a while, mod designers are still creating content to keep the Fallout community updated. For instance, there was the recent “Autumn Leaves” mod for New Vegas that, according to Geek, feels like a “DLC-sized experience.” Then there’s a mod that allows for multiplayer, so there’s no “lone wanderer” in this instance, according to Game Informer.

Now, Fallout 4 ideas from the previous Bethesda projects are being used to influence the upcoming DLCs. For instance, it was mentioned by Geek that Fallout 3’s previous “Pitt” mod would great influence to this year’s Season Pass. With the amount of crafting that goes on in the current game, it would be nice to bring back the ability to be a gunsmith by converting and re-using ammunition via an “Ammo Press.”

Since this is now lacking in the current game, a mod developer by the screen name r1ck brought forth the “craftable ammo mod.”

With food, aid, and other health replenishing items and traits in the Fallout 4 game, a mod was created to add more of a challenge for a lone wanderer to survive in the wasteland. Perhaps this would be considered a variant of the current survival mode? The mod added to the realism of the basic biological needs of a human being and followed Fallout 3, but prior to New Vegas.

It’s called the “Primary Needs” mod and is reminiscent of the old high school project of babysitting a fragile egg as though it was an infant. So instead of just eating food and drinking water to recoup damage, with this mod it takes it up a notch properly maintaining the basic necessities of life for your character on a daily basis. After all, the human body cannot survive three days without water.

These are examples of DLC that Geek was considering as options that were once in previous Fallout games that are absent from the current one, and the site suggests bringing some of this back and even allowing for a realistic approach.

The Fallout 4 DLC has no release date just yet, so gamers are trying to bide time by beating Bethesda to the punch by creating their own interesting wares. In fact, the mods that have been designed up until this point are so large that there’s a fine line when it’s comparable to the DLC equivalent.

Also, the Skyrim mod is something to consider, according to Geek, as an influential idea for future Fallout 4 DLC, and there is considerable interest here. A mod developer came up with “Conan Hyborian Age” as a mod for the Skyrim game, and considering the existing Grognak comic books in Fallout 4, there is something to be said about future DLC that could spin-off a quest by role-playing such a character.

This could be not unlike the whole Silver Shroud mission, but imagine your lone wanderer character doing his voice similar to the well known Austrian-American actor from the Conan franchise.

It looks like that Fallout 4 DLC ideas, rumors, and clues even in the existing game are being tossed about, and it’s a good thing that the folks at Bethesda are listening to their fans.

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