Farrah Abraham Threatens To Quit ‘Teen Mom’ As Fans Diss: Slams ‘The Bachelor,’ Kendall Jenner, & Khloe Kardashian

Farrah Abraham has become one of the most famous stars on Teen Mom. Outspoken, never hesitating to enter (or start) a Twitter war, Farrah recently engaged in a Q & A social media session with Teen Mom fans that became an onslaught of slams against Abraham, reported Us Weekly.

The Q&A took place on the Teen Mom Facebook page on February 3. And Farrah learned that social media means sometimes having to you’re sorry when the 24-year-old single mom looked at the questions and discovered that they primarily consisted of haters venting against her.

“Why are you such a rude and disrespectful c**t?” questioned one participant in the Facebook session.

Another attacked Abraham for her plastic surgery procedures, porn star fame, and sex tape past.

Farrah Abraham poses at the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.
Farrah Abraham poses at the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
“How hard is it to have literally the entire world hate you for just being you… a very annoying, spoiled, tape yourself s***ing d**k, porn star looking, plastic surgery addict, b***h? Do you enjoy everyone hating you? Or do you just enjoy being a s**t so much that you just dont care?” demanded an angry follower.

Farrah did not address such individual commentaries on her life. Instead, Abraham created a video message for her own Facebook page. Among those questions that she did answer were those questioning why Farrah remains one of the stars of Teen Mom.

“I encourage you guys to watch the season finale, the reunion with Dr. Drew. It answers all of that. I know you guys just see an edited version. You don’t really get to see the whole conversation, and I’m not in charge of the rest,” said Abraham in a semi-apology for Teen Mom and a subtle slam at the producers who edit the show.

In addition, Farrah stated that she does not like to be informed that she has a debt to anyone, including MTV’s producers. As for all the name-calling? Beware, haters.

Farrah Abraham defends herself.
Farrah Abraham defends herself. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
“And I would refrain from calling me names unless you would like to be called names,” warned Abraham.

Farrah also targeted a follower who slammed Abraham as “so disrespectful.” In the reality TV star’s mind, there’s a difference between rudeness and honesty, and the single mom feels she’s just being truthful.

“Since you can’t see fully what other people are doing to me, I see why you think ‘I’m rude, I’m disrespectful.’ I can only say if I’m being treated properly I will give the same to others but I am one of the most respectable people you will ever meet and you would probably come around to say I’m not rude, I’m honest.”

And there’s more from Abraham to come. Farrah stars in sneak peeks hyping the new season of Teen Mom OG. In those clips, Abraham warns that she will resign from the “trashy-a** show.” In addition, when an MTV producer won’t move out of the way, Farrah nearly runs down the staff member with her car.

Farrah Abraham threatens to quit.
Farrah Abraham threatens to quit. [Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Life & Style Weekly]
But the MTV crew makes it clear that they feel Abraham is the one who should be thanking them rather than them begging Farrah to stay, reported Hollywood Life.

“I don’t know why anyone’s here today because there’s really a void in our agreement because you wouldn’t allow me to seek other forms of income,” complains Abraham in an encounter with producers.

“Right now, by having us go, you’re in breach of contract,” warns Larry, co-executive producer of Teen Mom OG.

Farrah calls Larry multiple names, and he finally lets go.

“We’ve been here for seven years and invested time out of our lives to tell your story and have given you plenty of opportunities [to make money]! We walked in the door when you were in your cheerleading outfit. This [show] gave you your start!” yelled Larry.

Abraham responded with more swearing, as well as a threat never to work with them again.

Farrah Abraham takes time to diss "The Bachelor."
Farrah Abraham takes time to diss “The Bachelor.” [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV]
In addition to dissing fans and producers of Teen Mom, Farrah leaped into the debate that began on The Bachelor. Olivia Caridi likened The Bachelor co-star Amanda Stanton’s custody problems to “an episode of Teen Mom,” and Abraham told Us Weekly that she was infuriated by the comment.

“Now you can see why it’s offensive of others to judge someone’s parenting drama no matter what age,” declared Farrah. “The women on The Bachelor got a dose of the Teen Mom bad stigma.”

The argument started when Stanton was discussing co-parenting and taking her kids to her ex’s home.

“I feel like it’s an episode of Teen Mom that I watch … freaks me out,” quipped Caridi.

Abraham compared herself to the women on the reality TV show.

“I am older then most of these women on Bachelor, with my life together and organized,” boasted Farrah.

Abraham also took time out to slam stars of another reality TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, reported Radar Online.

In particular, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian got blasted by Farrah for their comments on an episode of Kocktails With Khloe. Snoop Dogg and Kym Whitley mocked the feud that Abraham has with Nicki Minaj. Kendall immediately took Nicki’s side and slammed Farrah in the process.

“I just don’t really agree with a lot of Farrah’s decisions in life … I’m always team Nicki,” declared Jenner.

“I’m team Nicki all the way,” chimed in Khloe.

When Abraham viewed the episode, she was furious.

“I think people who are like that, they are weak individuals and if they don’t stand up for what is right, then what is our world becoming?” demanded Farrah. “I’m not a fan of them [Kendall and Khloe].”

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

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