Holly Rowe: ESPN Reporter Has Surgery To Remove Second Tumor Found In Her Chest, Does She Have Neoplasm? [Video]

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe had to go under the knife once more to have a second tumor removed from her chest. Back in May, Rowe had an abnormal growth removed from her chest which turned out to be a tumor. Holly had the new tumor removed on Tuesday and stated that “in the coming days, I will know more about what potential additional steps I may take to address this situation.” After the surgery on Tuesday, Rowe sent out some tweets to let everyone know that she was doing fine.

Rowe was not short on support and well wishes while she is recovering in the hospital.

Holly Rowe started at ESPN in 1998. Rowe covers a variety of sporting events which include college football, softball, NBA, and WNBA. Holly tends to not let anything get in her way when she is trying to get an interview. She has been known to shove her way through crowds in order to secure the interview with the person she has set her sights on. One of the more famous interview moments for Rowe was during the upset victory of Kansas State over Kansas. Fans in attendance completely covered the court during their celebration but Rowe wanted an interview. She ended up getting on top of the table used by the scorers in order to talk to Thomas Gipson. The video from that event is below.

When she is not climbing on tables to get her story, she may be found underneath the arm of Juwan Staten like she was during a post-game interview with the Mountaineers point guard, never losing her journalistic bearing. For as great as an asset that Holly Rowe is for ESPN, she is not immune to controversy.

In 2005, another ESPN announcer, Ron Franklin, made a comment to her that some would consider degrading when he referred to her as “sweetheart.” Franklin did not learn anything from his comment to Rowe since he made a similar comment to Jeannine Edwards when he said, “Listen to me, sweet baby, let me tell you something…” Franklin was fired after the Edwards incident. Some have said that comments such as the ones said by Franklin are to be expected in an industry that is dominated by alpha males.

One thing that is certain about Holly Rowe is that she is a fighter. When she wants something, she gets it. Now that she is recovering from a second tumor removal from her chest, she just wants to recover and figure out what is causing the medical problem. There is no doubt that she will fight with everything she has in order to get herself healthy enough to be back out in the sports world hunting down interviews in a way that only she can.

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