Taylor Swift Moves In On Katy Perry’s Turf: To Launch A Mobile Game

The pop star wars continue. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry share many things in common, even if they hate to admit it. Both women sing pop songs, write their own songs, and are the highest-paid women in the music industry. Now TayTay is set to have her own mobile game, just like Katy’s.

The 26-year-old singer is the latest celebrity to partner up with Glu Mobile Inc., in hopes to launch her own successful mobile game. It’s a dream come true for Swift’s obsessive fans and for the company. They obviously know where the money is at these days.

Her official website announced that a “new one-of-a-kind mobile game for smartphones and table devices” is coming, but it doesn’t offer any detail except for a launch date of late 2016. The deal was also announced by the company on Wednesday, Feb. 3, which marks Taylor’s first foray in the mobile game world.

“We realize that Taylor and her global fan base expect a new and highly differentiated mobile gaming experience. Glu is equally committed to designing never before seen gameplay elements that utilize Taylor’s unique creativity. Accordingly, we will spend the required development time to ensure this innovation is achieved.”

Glu Mobile is onto something because its stock jumped over 26 percent in after-hours trading on Wednesday shortly after their deal with Swift was announced. The San Francisco-based company also reported its fourth-quarter 2015 results, resulting in $61 million in revenue and $3 million versus net income of $1.4 million in the year-earlier period, according to Variety.

The last pop star who released a game with the company was Katy Perry. Late last year, she released the Katy Perry Pop game where fans have to “charm” the pop star in order to achieve fame. The app also allows users to create an avatar by choosing a face shape, eye shadow color, and hairstyle. Perry acts as the “fairy godmother” of the game by guiding aspiring singers on their road to success.

Jamieson Cox of the Verge downloaded Katy Perry’s game and said that while it’s addicting, he has already ran out of energy. Meanwhile, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton previously reported that the mobile game has not been picking up steam in the world of mobile gaming.

On Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, Katy Perry Pop only ranked in at No. 54 on the free iPhone games on the App Store, and on No. 117 on the Google Play chart.

Not to mention, the game has received plenty of poor reviews. Some users complained that the app was glitched and crashed frequently, while others claim that it’s just a “musical knock-off of Kim’s game.”

So far, only Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been a hit with Glu Mobile Inc. It did have its share of glitches when it launched, but that was because so many people were playing it! It instantly rose to No. 1 on the Apple’s AppStore and Google Play Store. Since its release, it has been downloaded over 28 million times and people have played it for a combined total of 11 billion minutes.

It also generated $43 million in its first three months, and has caused some users to empty their wallets. In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Kardashian defended the complaints from users that the game was too addicting and required in-app purchases.

“You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set. I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to. It’s just a fun little game. It’s kind of like when people get into Candy Crush so much…it’s just something fun to do.”

Since Taylor Swift has a combined total of 227 million social media followers, it’s likely that her mobile game will be a huge hit as well. She has no problem when it comes to selling records and concerts. Swift has already dabbled into the app world with her video “Blank Space,” which had a 360-degree app experience.

Kim Kardashian also rules social media, which has helped give her a boost in the mobile gaming industry. Do you agree? Sound off below in the comments section.

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