NBA Trade Rumors: Huge Deal Could Ship Dwight Howard To This Eastern Conference Team

A lot of the current talk in the NBA trade rumors may be on Blake Griffin of the L.A. Clippers, but there are others who have who have been the subject of them as well. Talk of Dwight Howard being traded has circulated to the New Orleans Pelicans, L.A. Lakers, and the New York Knicks. In the past couple of weeks, that talk has died down, but it now is being reported that the Boston Celtics have inquired into what it would take to land the big man in a trade.

According to The NY Daily News the Celtics have “engaged” the Houston Rockets in discussions to see what it would take to have Howard traded. Apparently, Dwight Howard is still on the market and the Rockets are willing to listen to offers for him before the NBA trade deadline arrives on Feb. 18.

Even though numerous trades have been rumored and suggested for Howard, one with the Celtics appears to make some of the most sense. It’s not known what Houston is asking for Howard, but Boston owns seven first-round draft picks over the course of the next three years.

Those picks alone are worth their weight in gold for a successful team such as the Houston Rockets who are currently seventh in the Western Conference standings at 26-25.

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It’s also expected that forward David Lee would be included in any kind of deal that would get Dwight Howard traded from the Rockets to the Celtics. Lee is making $15 million in the final season of his current contract, and Howard is making $22 million this season in Houston.

Howard does have a player option for the 2016-2017 season which would have him making $23 million. Chances are that he will end up opting out in hopes of getting one more max contract before he gets much older.

Now, it may be just time to hang up all the NBA trade rumors as nothing more than speculation. As of Tuesday evening, ESPN is reporting that the Houston Rockets really have no intention of trading Dwight Howard before this season’s trade deadline in mid-February.

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The thing here is that if the Rockets don’t trade Howard, they run the risk of losing him without anything in return as soon as July 1 hits. That is when he can opt out of his current deal and become a free agent so that he can go sign elsewhere.

Houston is one of numerous teams that is likely going to give everything they possibly can this summer to sign Kevin Durant. Team officials are of the belief that James Harden, Durant’s former teammate with the Oklahoma City Thunder, could be something that sways him in their direction.

Even though there were rumors in late 2015 that Dwight Howard was no longer happy with being a member of the Houston Rockets, he seems fine now. ESPN reports that sources say Howard just wants to stay where he is, finish out the season, and then start negotiations with the Rockets or another team.

The Boston Celtics aren’t doing too bad as they are 28-22 this season and sitting in the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference. It’s not like the conference is overly strong as it is, but a trade for Dwight Howard could turn them into serious contenders.

It hasn’t happened yet and it really doesn’t look like it is going to happen at all. NBA trade rumors have swirled for months about Dwight Howard being shipped away from the Houston Rockets, and it doesn’t seem as if the Boston Celtics or any team will get him. At least not during this season, but this summer, Howard will seek a max contract and could be in a new location for 2016-2017.

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