‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 22: Jodie Sweetin Could Be Joining Cast, Plus Other Rumors

The rumors have been flying about who will join season 22 of Dancing With the Stars, and now Jodie Sweetin of Fuller House is having her name thrown around. Wet Paint is now sharing that Jodie Sweetin could end up following in the footsteps of her big sister on the show, Candice Cameron-Bure, and join the show.

A source spoke out to Us Weekly and shared that Jodie Sweetin does have plans to join the show. This would be perfect timing considering it is around the same time as Jodie’s show Fuller House will be hitting Netflix. The source went on today that Jodie Sweetin wasn’t the only one from the show asked to join. The source shared that John Stamos and Lori Loughlin were both asked to put on their dancing shoes as well, but both of them turned down the show and didn’t want to do it.

The source is very confident that Jodie Sweetin will be on the show, but at this time Sweetin and ABC are not revealing anything. They normally wait a while to share who will be on the show and so even though it may be true, Sweetin probably isn’t allowed to say anything yet. Jodie Sweetin is one name that sounds like you will be hearing later has joined the show.

There have been a lot of other rumors about who might want be joining Jodie Sweetin on the show. So far, it is all just talk about who will be on Dancing With the Stars, but everyone can’t wait to hear who they choose for sure and Sweetin is a great choice. Rhea Perlman of Cheers is one name that has been mentioned. She is already a dancer and could do great on the show. Perlman wouldn’t be the first dancer to join the show, but it does make it a lot easier on people when they have that background.

Another name being thrown around is Taryn Manning, who is known for her role on the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black. She has the time to do the show and would be great on there. Taryn even sent out a cryptic tweet that simply said DWTS and got fans wondering, but didn’t share what it meant at all. Jodie Sweetin and Taryn would make great contestants.

Fashion & Style also mentioned that Kaitlyn Bristowe ofThe Bachelorette could end up being on the show alongside Jodie Sweetin. Kaitlyn was actually talked about during season 21, but didn’t end up on the show and now that season 22 is coming around her name is coming up once again. Ben Higgins’ name has also been thrown around as a possible contestant and he isn’t against the idea. He is done competing on The Bachelor, even though it is still airing. Here is what Higgins had to say about it.

“I think I’m excited about what experiences are next in life. Just like I never expected to be on The Bachelorette, I never expected to be the Bachelor, I don’t know what to expect next and I’m open to anything. I don’t want to chance my life, but if there’s an opportunity to enhance it, I’m all for it!”

Do you think that Jodie Sweetin is someone that would be great on Dancing With the Stars? Who do you want to see on season 22? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Fuller House‘s first season will be available on Netflix starting on Friday, February 26, with Jodie Sweetin, and don’t miss the Dancing With the Stars season 22 premiere on Monday, March 21, 2016, on ABC.

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