Milan Christopher Dating Moniece Slaughter For Upcoming ‘LHHH’ Season — Miles Brock Is Not Impressed

Milan Christopher and Moniece Slaughter revealed that they are dating, and a lot of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood fans are a bit shocked. It was just last season that Milan debuted on the popular VH1 show half of the first gay couple in the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise. Now Milan claims he is no longer gay and to prove it, he’s dating Moniece now. Naturally, Miles has responded and is calling Milan out on his drama, and it looks like the former boyfriends are ramping up another social media battle.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood are confused by the news that Milan Christopher is dating Moniece Slaughter. It seems even Milan is confused about how to classify his sexuality now. Christopher confirmed his romance with Moniece in an Instagram rant aimed straight at Miles Brock, according to Enstarz.

Miles posted a meme on Instagram that was just a little bit thirsty. It was a picture of Chris Brown that said, “When your nudes on fleek & you lowkey wanna expose yourself.” That wasn’t the greatest part, though. As Milan pointed out when he reposted a screenshot of Miles Brock’s post, the meme came from a gay dating site called Jackd, and according to Milan, it’s the same website Miles used to allegedly cheat on him. Milan said the post was a “subliminal shot” but it’s more likely that he just saw the meme and wanted to post it, proving that he uses the site.

Anyway, Milan commented on his repost and it was definitely the extended version. The gist of it was that Miles Brock is a cheater and a liar and that Milan was so destroyed by their relationship that he doesn’t know if he can even date a man anymore. Then Milan admitted to dating Moniece, saying, “All my eyes in on one prize and that’s@moniece_slaughter…”

“I guess I been#delivert And that’s [100 emoji] I’m assuming I’m Bisexual now!,” Milan wrote, “I don’t know if it’s because of such a bad breakup I Don’t know wtf is coming over me! Maybe I need counseling or all I need is to try to be with a real women like momo.. ”

So there you have it, Milan Christopher is dating women now. “Makes me wonder..” Milan mused, “Or maybe it’s me. I have never dated a women foreal. I know I will always be gay and have attraction for men but.. I really don’t know what’s going on in my head I guess #MilanChristopher needs #HELP.”

Milan went on to teach Miles by claiming that his M&M tattoo stands for Milan and Moniece now. Likewise, Moniece named Milan as her #MCM and posted his picture on Instagram, confirming their relationship. Milan and Moniece did get real serious, real fast. Some fans are claiming their relationship was a desperate attempt to stay relevant on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. It was assumed that Miles and Milan wouldn’t be back after they broke up because there wouldn’t be any more story line. Well, if Milan and Moniece are dating and this is the first heterosexual relationship that Milan has ever been in, that might make his story line even juicier next season than it was with Miles in season 2.

Of course Miles Brock has commented on the whole situation. The King of Tea reported that Miles has called Milan out after his ex-boyfriend came out as newly bisexual and hooked up with Moniece. Brock posted a picture of himself on Instagram and captioned it, “Forgive people by FORGETTING about them..” Does that mean Miles Brock is going to just forget about the season he spent on LHHH with Milan Christopher? We don’t think Milan is going to let him forget about it, especially if he’s part of the season 3 cast on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Do you think Milan and Moniece are a real couple, or are they really just trying to stay on TV?

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