O.J. Simpson Show Had Huge Kardashian Error, Find Out What Girls Thought Of Episode [Spoilers]

Last night the world got to see the premiere of The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. In this show, O.J. Simpson was seen actually trying to kill himself instead of having to deal with the trial. TMZ shared the news that O.J. Simpson didn’t actually try to shoot himself in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom like the show made it look. He did try to kill himself, but Simpson was actually in another Kardashian’s bedroom when it went down. It was Khloe’s room, which over the years has even been rumored to have really been his daughter.

Kardashian sources are speaking out and it turns out that O.J. Simpson was in Khloe’s room because Kourtney and Kim actually shared a room at the time. O.J. was standing in a room full of posters, but this wasn’t what the room really looked like either. Khloe Kardashian never had posters all over her room like the one O.J. Simpson was standing in last night during the show. Back in 1996, Robert Kardashian did an interview with Barbara Walters and said that O.J. Simpson tried to kill himself in his daughter’s room, but he didn’t say which daughter. Robert was sitting in the room where O.J. tried to shoot himself, and there were no posters on the wall either.

It was revealed that Kris Jenner and some of the other main characters were allowed to watch the O.J. Simpson show and check for accuracy. Everyone wonders why Kris didn’t mention that O.J. Simpson didn’t try to kill himself in Kim’s room. Maybe Kris Jenner missed this part of the show when checking it.

The Kardashian family sat down together last night to watch the new O.J. Simpson show and see how they were portrayed. Radar Online shared what the Kardashians thought about how it went down last night on The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. An insider shared that the Kardashian sisters didn’t love how they were shown during Nicole Brown Simpson’s funeral. They were seen kind of running around and not listening to their mom instead of just being good little girls.

“The girls did not love the way that they were portrayed in episode one. Khloe and Kourtney really hated how their characters were so out of hand during Nicole Brown Simpson’s funeral scene.”

The source then went on to explain about what the girls thought of their dad’s character as a lawyer helping out O.J. Simpson on the case.

“David Schwimmer did an okay job, but in real life their father was much more handsome, stronger and more assertive than David made him out to be.”

Now Kris Jenner loved the way that the beautiful Selma Blair made her look on the show. Kris was a very close friend of Nicole Brown Simpson and was seen at her funeral on the series. The source went on to explain one thing Kris was unsure about on the show.

“She was very pleased with the way that she was recreated, but did say that in real life, Robert’s choice to represent O.J. caused a lot more tension between him and Kris than the show let on.”

Are you shocked to hear that The People Vs. O.J. Simpson got this information wrong on the show last night? Do you think that this new O.J. Simpson show should be more careful about the facts? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss new episodes of The People Vs. O.J. Simpson on Tuesday nights on FX.

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