‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sasha Propositions Zende, Katie Continues To Struggle After Brooke Drama

What can fans expect from Wednesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that there is more drama on the way related to Sasha’s quest to make her mark in Los Angeles along with continued chaos related to Katie’s stress over Brooke’s betrayal. From the sounds of things, it will be an intense show ahead.

Viewers watched on Tuesday as Sasha bickered with Julius, threatening to expose the truth about their connection. Julius is rather desperate to push Sasha out of town to keep his secret safe, but she is having none of it. Sasha also flirted with Zende, who resisted her advances due to his relationship with Nicole. As We Love Soaps shares, however, during Wednesday’s show, Sasha and Zende will have a night alone together, and she will be making some more moves.

Nicole may have backtracked on cutting off Sasha’s chance as a model at Forrester, but she is still seemingly aware of what she is dealing with in terms of Sasha as a threat. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Nicole will be talking to someone, seemingly Maya, about how girls like Sasha don’t get jealous — they get what they want.

Indeed, that seems to be where Sasha is headed in this next show. When Sasha and Zende are alone, she will talk about how she has known Nicole her whole life, and she has never seen her act this selfishly. So far, Zende has stayed loyal to Nicole, but will he be able to resist Sasha’s advances when she is so determined to get what she wants and he has been put on hold when it comes to intimacy with Nicole?

Also ahead in Wednesday’s show is more with Brooke and Katie’s situation. Brooke has headed back to Forrester and opened up to Eric about how things went so wrong. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Eric will be sure that Katie can see how Brooke is not a threat to her family. While Bill, Brooke, and Eric may all be anxious to see Katie settle down over this betrayal, it seems that the chaos will progress on this front for a while.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central share that Katie will continue to lash out at those around her, and people will become quite concerned. Some B&B fans are speculating that Katie may soon encounter renewed heart problems and that would certainly shake things up quite a bit. In addition, former Young and Restless star Chris McKenna is soon headed to the show, and there are hints that he may be playing a new love interest for either Katie or perhaps Brooke.

As the week continues, viewers will see how Zende reacts to Sasha’s brash offer of a night together with no strings attached while Bill will be trying to support Brooke as she struggles with guilt over Katie’s extreme behavior. There is more on the way regarding Steffy, Wyatt, Liam, and Quinn as well, and B&B viewers are definitely buzzing about these shifting dynamics.

Could something romantic actually happen between Quinn and Liam, as some suspect is on the way? Just when will the truth finally come out about Caroline’s pregnancy? Fans are very curious to see where are things headed next on The Bold and the Beautiful, and everybody can be sure that there is plenty more drama on the way.


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