Kendall Jenner Finds Fame ‘Frustrating’: Paparazzi ‘Legit Stalking’ Her As Relationship With Harry Styles Cools And Fight With Farrah Abraham Intensifies [Video]

Sometimes living in the fishbowl gets hard for Kendall Jenner. On her private website, Kendall recently revealed that she feels the paparazzi are “legit stalking” her after confessing that every day, there are around ten photographers waiting outside her mansion, following her every move.

Although the model realizes she is “a public figure,” Jenner claims that her fame is also “frustrating,” especially since the reality star does not have “any say” in the photos taken of her. According to Kendall, after a while, “it becomes very dehumanizing to have zero privacy.”

Kendall also revealed that she is worried the photographers that follow her relentlessly will eventually kill an innocent person. Jenner told her fans, via her website, that she calls the photographers out when they “run a red light,” claiming that, at times, there are 12 of them following her.

She wrote that she has seen the photographers “almost kill someone else” by driving too fast and through red lights, assuring fans that when she sees it, she “definitely tell[s] them off.”

Describing to fans how she handles the situation, Kendall Jenner confided that she stops her own vehicle, and “tell[s] them to pull up next to me.” Kendall then tells the photographers that “[n]ot only are you going to kill yourself, but you’re going to kill innocent people around you.” Jenner then wrote that she just goes “off on them.”

Certainly, since the news broke that Kendall is dating One Direction rocker Harry Styles, the media attention on the reality star has gotten even more intense. Kendall and Styles first started dating in 2013, but broke up just three months later. However, they were publicly linked again during a recent Jenner family trip to St. Barts.

Now, the relationship seems to be off again, and not even Kendall Jenner’s sister, Khloe, is sure if it ever really was back on. Certainly, the drama surrounding her relationship with Styles only has intensified media speculation.

According to a Jenner insider, although Kendall was rumored to be dating Harry, the relationship was never official. In fact, according to the insider, “Harry doesn’t want to settle down.”

If Kendall thought they were dating, she was wrong since Harry “would never get a serious girlfriend,” and as far as the Brit is concerned, dating Kendall “was never anything official.” Whether they were dating or not, the insider revealed that to Kendall, “it’s very much off at the moment.”

To make matters worse, Kendall Jenner is in the midst of a public feud with adult film actress and Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham. In an interview with Radar Online, Abraham revealed that she has nothing nice to say about the Jenner family, and she is “not a fan of them [Kendall and Khloe].”

The feud started on an episode of Kocktails With Khloe, in which both Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner criticized Farrah for her “life choices.” Abraham shot back at the model, pointing out over Twitter that the Jenner family was only famous because Kim Kardashian made a sex tape.

Speaking to Radar, Farrah revealed that she “just saw the clips” from Kocktails With Khloe, and she thinks it is “sad if someone’s in their own home talking and behaving that way about someone who they have never even met.”

Abraham made it clear that she does not plan to make up with Kendall Jenner any time soon, pointing out that Kendall and Khloe “are weak individuals,” and she does not “need to think that everyone’s right when they’re behaving badly.”

When it comes to Kendall Jenner’s criticism of her, Abraham replied that she knows “I’m in the right, and they are very much in the wrong.”

What do you think? Is Kendall Jenner being stalked by the media? Is her relationship with Styles over as her fight with Farrah Abraham intensifies? Leave a comment below!

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