Amber Portwood Hit By Bombshell: ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Fiancé Fathered 7 Secret Children With 5 Baby Mamas

Amber Portwood just received one of the biggest bombshells ever dropped in Teen Mom history. With cameras rolling, Amber and her ex, Gary Shirley, got into a heated battle, yelling at each other, when Gary gave Portwood paperwork claiming that Matt Baier, her fiancé, was the father of numerous secret children, reported Us Weekly.

Battles included one that was filmed, and a private bout between Amber and Matt in their house. Following the broadcast of that OMG episode, Portwood teamed up with Baier to discuss what happened when the cameras weren’t there to record the drama, as well as provide a reality check on their situation now.

“Gary had told me a couple weeks after that he actually had known for a while, which just tells me that he just literally waited for the cameras to be there,” revealed Amber. “I think what his main goal was, was to humiliate us and to try to make our family look like it’s not stable because this was when we were in the big custody battle with Leah.”

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier try to explain just how many kids he has.
Amber Portwood and Matt Baier try to explain just how many kids he has. [Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]
So just how many secret kids does Matt have? Portwood ex Shirley alleges that Baier has seven offspring.

“It’s not accurate,” clarified Amber. “He does only have five kids. Yes, I did know about them, but the other ones are older with families, and it wasn’t something that we wanted out.”

Portwood also discussed the history of Matt. Her fiancé is 19 years older than Portwood, and Amber acknowledged his problematic past, which included a battle with addiction.

“His past was horrible. He wasn’t a good person back then,” said Portwood. “He was a womanizing user. He was an addict, and that’s not an excuse, but that’s the type of person he was.”

Amber admitted that the two struggled for awhile. But now, Portwood feels that they have established their trust in one another.

“We went through a rough patch because of this, because I had no trust in him anymore. We had to rebuild our trust again in our relationship,” added Amber.

As for the allegations that Gary presented on Teen Mom to shock Portwood, Matt addressed the comments and emphasized that he does not regard Shirley as a member of the family. Moreover, added Baier, he feels that his children are not something that should be discussed by Gary. And he expressed frustration with the aftermath of the bombshell dropped by Shirley, from doubts expressed by Amber to outsiders slamming him for abandoning his kids.

"Teen Mom" stars Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood pose.
‘Teen Mom’ stars Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood pose. [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]
“Gary’s not a part of our family. We don’t open up and tell him everything that’s going on in our lives because, frankly, it’s none of his business,” contended Matt. “When this happened, I had to deal with Amber having doubts, regardless of whether it was true or not — I also had to deal with people saying ‘Oh, you abandoned your kids.’ ”

Rather than focus on his own reputation, Baier is upset about his children. Matt says he is not hurt, but his children are. And he emphasized that he does not feel embarrassed about his older children, admitting that when they were born, he wasn’t even able to take care of himself.

“That doesn’t hurt me. That hurts my kids,” declared Baier. “I have no shame at all about my older kids, none whatsoever. I love my older kids, but they were born in a time when I wasn’t capable of taking care of them myself.”

Amber and Matt plan to wed in October. They are seeking to take what happened as a way to mature.

“If you look at both of us now as compared to then — the people — they’re not even similar people,” declared Baier. “And I think who we really are has finally come out once we’ve cleaned up.”

But what will that cleaning up involve, and are Portwood and her fiancé really telling the truth? Not according to Radar Online, which claims that when Amber’s ex, Gary, alleged that Matt had seven secret children, he was telling the truth on that episode of Teen Mom OG.

That means that when Portwood initially claimed that Baier had two children, followed by the duo’s subsequent admission that he has five, they are continuing to hide the truth. But does Amber know the reality, or is she planning a wedding unaware that there are more kids her fiancé has never revealed?

With five baby mamas taking Matt to court and seven children, the 44-year-old is facing lawsuits for outstanding child support. The women come from Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, but all of them filed the paperwork where Baier lives in Indiana so that the state can make him pay up.

As for the math involved in figuring out how many kids were fathered by the fiancé of Portwood? Of those five baby mamas, two of them have two children that they say are Baier’s, thus making Gary’s allegations of seven secret children true.

Matt was served last month, with a hearing scheduled for March 22.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]

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