Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Not Seeking Paternity Test

Louis Tomlinson has spent the last seven months at the centre of what must rank as the most talked about celebrity pregnancy in history. One Direction star Tomlinson has been shrouded in controversy, rumor and speculation since the Sun broke the news that he was to become a father back in July of last year. Many of Tomlinson’s fans found it hard to believe that Louis would have unprotected sex with a woman he barely knew. Others felt that Louis was not the father of Briana Jungwirth’s child and suspected that Tomlinson was either being scammed or was involved in a publicity stunt.

Tomlinson did nothing to calm the rumors and in fact Louis refused to discuss the matter at all. Tomlinson made absolutely no comment about Briana’s pregnancy except for a rather awkward sentence when he was ambushed on Good Morning America. It soon became widely reported, including on Inquisitr, that Tomlinson had banned journalists and interviewers from mentioning the subject of baby Tomlinson at all.

In the months since it was announced that Louis was to become a dad, he has never been seen with Jungwirth, and to date he has never mentioned her name in public. Many assumed that this was because he was not convinced that the baby was his. Even after the baby, now named Freddie Tomlinson, was born, Louis never mentioned Briana. Whilst a message was posted on Tomlinson’s Twitter account announcing the arrival of little Freddie there was no mention of the mother, not even a little note to say “mother and baby are doing well.”

As a result of Louis’ ongoing silence, many assumed that Tomlinson was staying quiet as a result of legal advice because he intended to ask for a paternity test and anticipated a legal battle over child support with Jungwirth’s family. California law makes provision for a compulsory DNA test if either of the parents disputes paternity.

If TMZ are to be believed, it seems that may not be the case for Louis. It seems that Louis is so sure that Freddie is his that he will not dispute paternity and has no plans to ask for a DNA test.

Apparently a source close to Louis and Briana told TMZ that Louis has never had the slightest doubt that Briana was carrying his child. They say that things were so serious between Tomlinson and Jungwirth at the beginning of their relationship that Louis never even suspected that Briana might have slept with someone else.

Many fans will raise an eyebrow at these latest claims. After all Tomlinson was on a world tour with One Direction, and if Briana fell pregnant in May 2015, Louis spent a lot of his time in the U.K. and on tour.

Given the large sums of money that are likely to be involved, any lawyer worth his or her salt would advise Tomlinson to insist on a paternity test to ensure 100 percent certainty, but it seems that Louis is so sure that Freddie is his that he will forgo the opportunity.

In other Tomlinson news, it seems that Louis passed up on helping bandmate Harry Styles to celebrate his birthday on Monday evening. Louis chose to spend the evening at a restaurant in Venice, California, with rumored new flame Danielle Campbell. The Daily Mail reports that Louis and Danielle were photographed holding hands as they celebrated Danielle’s 21st birthday.

Bizarrely, it was suggested that Louis and Danielle might be having a double celebration for her birthday and Freddie’s birth. It seems doubtful that any woman, no matter how tolerant, would be likely to want to celebrate the fact that her boyfriend just had a child with another woman.

Of course as always seems to be the case where Tomlinson is involved there is absolutely no official confirmation of TMZ’s claim that Louis will not dispute paternity. Neither Tomlinson nor his advisors have made any statement about the matter, and as a result, the controversy and speculation will rumble on.

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