The ‘Twin Peaks’ Reunion Is Coming Soon To Showtime, and It Will Feature Naomi Watts

It seems 2016 should be the year of the reboot, and that will include Gilmore Girls and now, Twin Peaks, which will add to its cast Naomi Watts. The Twin Peaks revival has been long awaited, but it seems it should be ready on Showtime this year. David Lynch is peppering his already stellar cast with a few other noteworthy names.

According to Vanity Fair, David Lynch is known to collect a stable of actors, using them again and again. Naomi Watts, who was first cast by Lynch in Mulholland Falls will now appear in Twin Peaks. The project stalled a few times after conflicts over creative control and budgetary issues. Lynch won total creative control ultimately.

“Ultimately, he has creative control. He deserves it, and I’m happy to give it to him,” Showtime president David Nevins said last summer. Nevins has called the project “open-ended,” with Lynch essentially filming “as one long movie” that he’ll then cut “into however many episodes he wants.”

In addition to Watts, it sounds like another David Lynch actress, Laura Dern might also be involved in the project.

Daily Mail is reporting that the reboot of Twin Peaks continues to attract attention, but this is the first one on Showtime. Sightings in and around the set of the Twin Peaks set have been accruing a list of other actors, including Tom Sizemore and Jennifer Jason-Leigh who have been attached to the project. David Nevins calls the reboot “fantastic.”

“It was incredibly exciting. I don’t want to sit here and overhype it, but I was incredibly excited. You definitely felt like you were in the hands of a master,” the exec said of the 25 minutes he saw.

But how will Lynch deal with the lack of “Killer Bob,” considering the actor died in the 90s. Also gone are the Log Lady and Pete Martell.

Kyle MacLachlan, who plays FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, loves his character and Twin Peaks, according to Seattle Times. MacLachlan said he was so happy that David Lynch asked him to come back for the Twin Peaks reboot.

“I, of course, encouraged that, and somewhere along the line he asked if I would ever be interested in returning, and I said I would return in a minute. I love that character,” MacLachlan said. He spoke by phone from Los Angeles on Friday morning before filming scenes for Twin Peaks that afternoon.

But it was a long time after he signed off before MacLachlan learned any details about the plot line for the reboot.

“David keeps his cards very close to the vest,” he said, “and it wasn’t until they had something in place that we had a meeting, and then it became much more real. They had found a way back into the story they were excited about.”

But you can’t go home again, and MacLachlan found out that so many years later, certain locations in the Northwest no longer existed.

“The funny thing is, many of the locations I never visited in the pilot,” MacLachlan said, ticking off places he made it to this time that were new to him. “Laura Palmer’s house (was new), the sheriff’s station (was not). The diner I didn’t visit on this occasion. So it was a mishmash. Some locations had changed and had to be rebuilt, so it wasn’t really like going back in that way.”

Shooting continues, and a date has not been given for the premiere.

Will you watch the new Twin Peaks?

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