Watch: NFL Bad Lip Reading 2016, It’s Here And It’s Hilarious

In a tradition beginning to rival the NFL itself, the 2016 Bad Lip Reading video of the NFL hit screens all over the world today, and it’s very very funny.

Barely six hours after posting, the latest NFL Bad Lip Reading video has received in excess of one million views already. The Bad Lip Reading crew tackle movies and politics, but it was its first NFL bad lip reading video that is their most well-known with 65 million views, making nonsense phrases such as “Orange peanut? Well, I accept you!” part of the vernacular of every patriotic internet citizen. It even inspired remixes, such as this Orange Peanut Bad Lip Reading Remix.

Reactions to the latest NFL Bad Lip Reading video have been warm, with people saying “worth the wait!,” “Hilarious as always,” and “Awesome. Bad Lip Reading are at it again.”

The identity of the genius behind the Bad Lip Reading videos is a well-kept secret. The Bad Lip Reading wikipedia page claims that it’s the work of one man, possibly from the music production industry. Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed the anonymous bad lip reader back in 2011 where he described himself as successful and late 20s-ish music and video producer from Texas who came into lip reading in the most personal way. His mother, also a professional musician, lost her hearing and went profoundly deaf.

“‘She went from having perfect hearing to having no hearing in just a matter of months, and the doctors never figured out why.’ BLR marveled at the way his mom, of necessity, became an expert lip reader. He would sometimes sit around at night, watching TV with the sound off trying to pick up the skill himself. ‘I was terrible at it.’ Bad Lip Reader, Rolling Stone, October 7, 2011?

It wasn’t till he got a gig filming a pair of radio disk jocks, one of which had the amusing affectation of mouthing words silently while his partner spoke. Bad Lip Reading guy found it very funny and went home and made the first of the bad lip reading videos, but just for the amusement of the crew. “Just bizarre, random phrases started coming up — things like ‘bacon Hobbit.’ Those were probably the funniest videos I ever did — but they were just for my friends,” he told Rolling Stone. He recalls those first bad lip readings as probably his funniest.

The first Bad Lip Reading video was in March, 2011 and was a spoof on Rebecca Black’s song Friday, turning a bad lip reading of her vacuous lyrics into a song about gang warfare titled “Gang Fight.”

Subsequent Bad Lip Reading videos were reworking of current pop songs, but it wasn’t until Bad Lip Reading took on Texas Governor and U.S. Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, and gave him the bad lip reading treatment which was then featured on the Ellen show. Describing himself as “an artist, not a Republican,” a series of political bad lip reads lead to overdubbing popular movies and television shows with their mad bad lip reading skilz. Twilight and The Hunger Games got the full bad lip reading treatment, prompting Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks to say in her blog “Bad Lip Reading is awesome. I was introduced to it by none other than Jennifer Lawrence. Yup – she saw this, people. And she laughed. And so did I. A lot.”

The NFL series of Bad Lip Reading videos began in January, 2013 with their most popular video yet. The 2016 version released on Tuesday is the fourth in the series of epically bad lip readings of coaches, players and staff of the NFL.

What are your favorite phrases from this NFL Bad Lip Reading?

[Photo by AP/David J. Phillip]

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