Transgender Girl Scout Stands Up To Bully, Sells Record Number Of Cookies

This is the story of Stormi.

When 9-year-old Stormi knocked on a door, on her campaign to sell Girl Scout cookies, the man who answered the door said, “Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.”

BuzzFeed News reported her story of resilience and triumph. She told them, “It made me sad. Because I’m a girl.”

Stormi is transgender, who lives with her foster mom Kim. She loves to sell cookies and donate them to other kids in foster care. he said, “I like to sell cookies because it’s very nice to sell cookies. Cookies make people smile.”

So, when the man said mean things, it made her sad. Kim said, “She was like, ‘Why am I not good enough?’ We just started talking and she decided she wasn’t going to let him win.”

She found a way to answer her bully and sell more than 3,000 boxes of cookies.

Kim transferred Stormi’s cookie sales to an online portal through the Girl Scouts called Digital Cookie.

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It said, “My troop plans to use the money to help us go on trips. I have my own plans as well. At my request my family will donate boxes to local foster kids like me! Selling cookies is a lot of work. I have learned that even though people can be mean I shouldn’t give up! selling cookies has helped me with my math as well!”

She received tons of support. Elizabeth S. Leet, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Virginia, wrote, “Stormi is so brave and wonderful for standing up for herself and choosing to live as the person she’s always been!”

The Washington Post reported that a New York-based comedy duo promised people intending to attend free admission to a show if they bought Stormi’s cookies. A California multimedia musical also agreed to donate a box for every ticket sold.

It’s time that everyone recognizes and understands the right and feelings of transgenders, and treats them sensibly and with respect.

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