‘General Hospital’ News: Fan-Favorite Actor Returning To Port Charles, Who Is It?

General Hospital fans have been anxiously waiting for some big news to be revealed, and the time has finally come. For the past few days, the show been teasing that a big announcement was on the way. Fans have been doing plenty of speculating, with some worried that the news may not live up to the hype. Just what is it that executive producer Frank Valentini and others had been teasing?

The teases started a few days ago, with Valentini tweeting that “Huge GH News” was coming soon, and he used the hashtag “#GHWildWinter” with the post. The show executive followed up with numerous similar follow-up posts leading up to Tuesday afternoon’s reveal.

Would the announcement be news of a fan favorite actor or actress returning to General Hospital? That seemed to be the most popular theory, with fans tossing out ideas like bringing Greg Vaughan, Emma Samms, Michael Easton, Ian Buchanan, Rick Hearst, or Tristan Rogers back for a big storyline.

Of course, there is a significant contingent of soap fans who are buzzing about the idea that perhaps GH is adding former Young and Restless star Michael Muhney to the cast in some fashion, as that rumor has been swirling since his Y&R departure. Others wonder if Anthony Geary is heading back as Luke Spencer again, as there have been some teases that this may be in the works.

There was also some buzz that perhaps Kelly Thiebaud would be returning as Dr. Britt Westbourne, especially after Kelly posted a couple of photos from the set. However, many GH fans would argue that Kelly was probably just on the set to visit her fiance Bryan Craig, who plays Morgan, and that a Thiebaud return would not necessarily qualify as the kind of hype Valentini is teasing.

While General Hospital fans are hoping for something truly big and exciting, many buzzed that they should keep their expectations moderate, as the big reveal could very well end up being rather underwhelming. Now, the news is finally out, and GH fans will definitely be buzzing over this announcement.

Frank Valentini has shared that as many fans had been hoping, Michael Easton will be heading back to General Hospital. While the speculation that this could be the big announcement may have initially seemed far-fetched and like a fantasy concept, seeing as how Easton was killed off as Dr. Silas Clay last year, the show is making it happen.

announcement from Frank Valentini on Vimeo.

Just how is the show bringing Michael Easton back to General Hospital? Spoilers have not yet revealed the scoop on that front, though it seems as if he will be playing a new character again. It sounds as if Easton will start showing up on-screen soon, and fans will be doing plenty of buzzing about the possibilities.

Many GH fans had been furious when Easton’s character was killed off and there was a lot of campaigning to have him return. For his part, Easton himself had made it clear that he wasn’t terribly happy about being killed off either. Will Michael be back for the long-term or just for a short run? Fans will have to stay tuned until more information is revealed.

What do you think of the big General Hospital news? Are you excited to hear that Michael Easton is headed back to Port Charles, or were you hoping that the announcement would be regarding something different? Stay tuned for General Hospital spoilers ahead as more information about Easton’s return is revealed.


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