Charrisse Jackson Jordan On Feud With Gizelle: ‘We Have Bigger Fish To Fry’

Charrisse Jackson Jordan wanted to be nice when she extended an invitation to her friend, Gizelle Bryant, for a party, but she was shocked when Gizelle showed up with her stylist. The two had a blast while waiting for Charrisse to get ready, but she wasn’t happy with the way they acted in her home. When Bryant came up to her room to check on her, Jackson Jordan threatened her, asking her to leave if she couldn’t behave.

According to a new Bravo report, Charrisse Jackson Jordan is now revealing that she doesn’t want to dwell on the drama she has with her friend, because she has bigger issues. Of course, she could be referring to things in her marriage, as she lives in Potomac while her husband lives and works in New Jersey.

“I was totally not surprised that Gizzy and Karen buried the hatchet. Good for them! The issue at hand wasn’t that big of deal in the first place. Someone sitting in the honoree’s seat isn’t that serious. Unless you just have nothing going on in your life that you need to dwell on something so minimal as a seat. We have bigger fish to fry in Potomac,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan reveals in her Bravo blog, without sharing what those bigger fish could be.

Jackson Jordan may not have wanted to go to the whiskey session because of the tension with her co-star. Charrisse knew that she wouldn’t let Bryant win over her, but the situation could quickly escalate. But Charrisse wasn’t the only one looking at Bryant with a crooked smile that night. Ashley Darby, who was hosting the whiskey tasting, had a few things she wanted to say to Gizelle, who had called her a THOT during the show’s first episode.

“Going into the Whiskey tasting I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Gizelle. After all, though she appears externally beautiful, ‘her face repulses me,’ Lol. There was a saying that the older generation often said as I was growing up, “One monkey don’t stop the show.” With that being said, Gizelle has no power over Charrisse. “I just want to enjoy my friendships and I love getting out with good company. Though whiskey isn’t on the list for my choices of consumption, ‘When in Rome …’ In this case, I am more concerend [sic] about the headache I may have the next day,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan reveals in her blog, hinting she’s happy she worked things out with Gizelle and hugged her before leaving.

“I have more important things to focus on and prefer not to waste anymore thought on this little tiff with Gizelle. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If she doesn’t realize inappropriate behavior at this point in her life, I am not going to waste my time trying to teach her something that she simply won’t get. However, I have a feeling I won’t have to worry about that type of nonsense reoccurring in my home,” Charrisse ends her blog, hinting that things in the Jackson Jordan home are quite fine, even though her husband doesn’t live at home with her.

According to Radar Online, Charrisse Jackson Jordan has made headlines over her marriage, as it seems to be so controversial. They live in different homes and in different states, and not many people could survive such a setup. But it sounds like Charrisse won’t entertain the thought of the marriage not working. When asked, she says everything is just fine.

What do you think of the way Charrisse Jackson Jordan handled the situation with Gizelle Bryant? Could you have the marriage she has?

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