David Letterman Gives Away Ending Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’… Or Does He? [Video]

David Letterman might have just given away the ending to one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Or maybe he was just kidding.

The Late Show host will leave it up to viewers to decide, but during an interview with Anne Hathaway about the upcoming movie, Letterman acted as if he was giving away the ending to “The Dark Knight Rises,” E! News reported. After pointing out that moviegoers didn’t need to see the previous installations to appreciate the latest Batman movie, he went on to unveil a major plot twist.


(Warning: If you have any doubts about David Letterman’s intentions or don’t want the summer’s likely blockbuster to be potentially spoiled, you might want to skip the next part.)

“And in the end, Batman is dead,” he quipped.

Hathaway, who plays Catwoman in the movie set for release July 20, smiled playfully and chided Letterman with a “Dave!” as the two laughed. Letterman then seemed to take back the comments.

“No, he’s not dead,” Letterman went on to say. “He ain’t dead, just relax, will you?”

Hathaway played along, jokingly addressing “The Dark Knight Rises” director Christopher Nolan in the camera.

“I had no part in it,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

If David Letterman’s slip-up is true, it would mean Nolan took the unprecedented step of killing off one of the most popular heroes and severely hurting any chances for further follow-ups to big money-making series. The internet seems outraged, at least. Message board have been filling up with disdain for Letterman, People.com reported.

Whether it’s true or not, David Letterman’s potential gaffe will probably not hurt “The Dark Knight Rises” too much at the box office, Hollywood Reporter stated. The movie is likely to generate more than $160 million in its opening weekend , so Letterman’s statement probably won’t have much of an effect.

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