Teresa Giudice Needs Permission To Leave House: How Did She Plan Milania’s Birthday?

Teresa Giudice was released just before Christmas, and she has been spending lots of time with her family. Giudice was eager to get home to her family, and she was very excited to get out before Christmas. Plus, she gets three months with her husband before he turns himself in to serve his time. But just because Teresa is out of prison doesn’t mean she’s free. In fact, she has to check in all the time because of her house arrest. According to a new People report, Teresa Giudice needs to ask permission to go out.

“She asks permission to go places,” a source has revealed to the magazine, adding, “The probation officer then gives her the parameters of that. He will ask her which stores she is going to and then says, ‘You can go from this time to this time.’ She can go to work, go to the doctor or go see her lawyer – all with the officer’s permission.”

The great thing about this house arrest is that it ends on Friday. Apparently, she only needed to be under house arrest for about six weeks after her release. After Friday, she won’t have to check in before going to a store, and she will be able to decide when and where she goes. And that could have been useful this past week, as it was her daughter’s birthday. Milania, the troublesome but always lovable kid, turned 10 this past week. She’s been on the show since she was just a toddler.

“Happy 10th Birthday to my Beautiful Milania! Mommy & Daddy Love You,” Teresa wrote on a picture she posted on Instagram.

Last year, Teresa Giudice was heartbroken because Milania really wanted to go to a sports facility for her birthday. This was something she expressed interest in over Christmas when Teresa was home, but she was heartbroken because she knew that she wasn’t able to bring her daughter there, as she would be in jail at the time. But it sounds like she made up for it this year. She may have planned the day by making the cake and spending time with her children at home.

One can imagine that Giudice will do anything to make her children happy once her husband goes in to serve his time in March. The judge allowed them to spend some time together before he goes in to serve his time. He has been sentenced to 41 months, and it sounds like he will be serving most of his sentence. Once he is released, his case will be in the hands of the judge again to decide whether he will be deported. This could be devastating for Teresa, as she has friends, family, and a career in the United States.

And she’s continuing to grow this career. While Teresa was in prison, she was working on her newest book, Turning the Tables. This book is a collection of diary entries that she wrote while she was locked up in the Danbury facility. But according to Page Six, Teresa Giudice could be facing some trouble, as her inmate friends aren’t happy with the book.

“She’s talking about her own roommate,” an insider has revealed, according to Page Six, adding, “But it’s not hard for people to know who her roommate was. It’s going to come out. It’s nonsense to say that. Incarcerated women are pissed because they feel it will only add to the stereotypes. Why be a misogynist against women. You had the opportunity to write something and you’re writing only about the vision board and the sex.”

Will you be reading Teresa Giudice’s new book when it comes out next week?

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