Jennifer Lopez Heading For Israel, How The Diva Keeps On Hustling

Jennifer Lopez is pushing boundaries lately involving career and even her wardrobe. After experiencing a slight stretch and rip in her ensemble onstage last week in Las Vegas, one which caused her backside to be exposed, Lopez carried on like the star she is and has continued to wow audiences at her Vegas show “All I Have.”

The singer, dancer, actress, and fashionista is setting her sights even further than simply the Vegas strip and the U.S. for her upcoming performances. Lopez is venturing where she has not yet been. The 46-year-old from the Bronx is taking her skills to Tel Aviv, Israel, where she will perform for the very first time in her long-standing and successful career as a dancer and musical artist. Ynet News shares about the upcoming performance by the musical sensation.

“Lopez sealed the deal in the last few days, and will appear for a single show in Tel Aviv’s Park HaYarkon. It will be the first show in Israel for the 46-year-old, who is thought of as one of the biggest U.S.-born Latina stars of the last couple of decades, with a rich career in music, cinema and television.”

Stars like Lopez and fellow diva Mariah Carey seem to have what it takes to stay in the entertainment game over the long haul. Although both women have stellar voices and are able to bring a magnetic energy to the stage, it’s easy to wonder what it is that sees these divas outshining younger talents who have the pipes and appeal to match. Pop Sugar relays a suggestion as to what it is that allows star’s like JLo to constantly remain a force to be reckoned with and relevant. There is no doubt that Lopez saw a valley in her career back in the early 2000s around the release of Gigli, but in 2010, the star ensured to make her way into the homes of millions of viewers weekly.

“2010 saw Lopez sign on for her one-off stint as a judge on reality TV juggernaut American Idol, which debuted on TV screens in early 2011. The move turned out to be a smart one for Lopez: Sure, she wowed with her fashion sense, but it was her warmth and sense of humor that felt new to audiences. Suddenly, the human being behind the hard work was far more obvious than any amount of ‘I’m from the block!’ posturing had made us believe.”

As the publication notes, the diva hustles and is not too proud to reassess and re-brand as needed. Lopez did so on one occasion by “[r]eleasing her greatest hits in 2012 (Dance Again…The Hits) also saw Lopez undertake her first world tour.”

Up until the point of the greatest hits tour, Jen had never embarked on a world tour like most of her pop artist peers who tour with every album. Lopez also made numerous television appearances to draw attention to her own work on American Idol and to pay tribute to fellow Latin artists such as Selena and Celia Cruz.

Perhaps Lopez’ most recent triumphant appearance of the past few years, however, was when she stole the show as host and performer at this year’s American Music Awards. Many knew that Lopez was a fantastic dancer and had a decent voice, but with that on-point performance and beautiful vocals, Lopez won over naysayers internationally.

Now, Jen has ignited her Vegas residency which has already gained praise and is clearly set to venture to nations she has yet to touch down in. The mother of two clearly has no plans of slowing down or simply only maintaining her post as a judge on American Idol to stay relevant. This triple threat was made to be on stage and to perform to fans worldwide.

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