Justin Bieber’s Manic ‘Purpose’ Tour Lead-Up — Bieber Reveals Kourtney Kardashian-Inspired Cougar Love, Swears At Nightclub Crowd, Hits Gay Bar

Justin Bieber has had a busy week. In addition to displacing himself at the top of the singles charts (“Sorry” and “Love Yourself” from the Canadian heartthrob’s Purpose album have switched spots), Justin has had an exciting time exploring his flirty side, his sassy side, his do-gooder streak, and even his curiosity about alternative lifestyles.

First, Justin was reportedly spotted drinking at a Latino gay bar, according to New Now Next.

“Bieber was without his typical entourage, joined by just one bodyguard at his side as he downed one beer around 9pm, exiting the empty bar before it began to get busy.

“A bouncer at Club Cobra spoke to TMZ, saying that he didn’t think Justin knew it was a gay bar he’d stumbled upon.”

Originally, it was reported that Justin was “alone” at the nightclub, and no context was given. This led to a flurry of speculation about the Biebs’ motivations for turning up to the joint. Who but a pickup hopeful would drink alone at a gay club?

Predictable speculation about Justin’s sexuality ensued, however, Gossip Cop soon learned that Bieber was in fact there to celebrate a birthday party for two friends.

“Gossip Cop is told by a source close to the singer that he he was at the bar celebrating a birthday party for two friends. Simply put, Bieber was among a group of pals, and TMZ’s story is both not true and just an attempt by the webloid to sensationalize the events of the evening.”

Unpredictable incidents seemed to chase Justin like homing missiles all week. Hollywood Life reports that Justin showed his tender side when he came to the aid of an injured woman who had been hit by a car.

“Justin was out partying at his favorite spot in West Hollywood, The Nice Guy on Jan. 27, and he spotted something on his way out that he just couldn’t ignore: a woman yelling in the street who was injured.”

Justin attempted to comfort the woman while his friends flagged law enforcement down.

The sweet gesture yielded a bunch of unlikely headlines along the lines of “Justin Bieber: Good Samaritan” (a far cry from the press Justin received a couple of years back, which focused on how “bratty” the pop star was and how he always seemed to be in trouble with the law).

Sassy Bieber didn’t stay away for long. Next thing fans knew, the heartthrob had taken to the stage with Tyga at the 1 OAK nightclub in LA (Bieber is a known friend of the Kardashian family and has collaborated with Tyga before).

Vulture reports that Justin had some stern words for the clubbers who were unhappy with his impromptu takeover.

“Come on. If you’re not feeling this right now, get the f**k outta here,” the 21-year-old said in between songs. “How many people thought that you would like Justin Bieber? I didn’t even know!”

The pop star also made a reference to his musical comeback and the shift in his sound, which has attracted a new audience and endeared Justin Bieber to many who previously would have run a mile from the singer.

Justin’s wild week continued with some flirting with an older woman in West Hollywood and a night out with ex-fling Kourtney Kardashian. It seems Justin may be eager to get away from needy younger paramours — the Biebs says he has developed a taste for older women, which was inspired by his fling with Kourtney.

“After being with a mature woman like Kourtney, Justin isn’t looking back! He cant get enough of older women now,” according to Hollywood Life.

Bieber reportedly made a move on a 35-year-old blonde in a West Hollywood coffee shop.

“She was sitting outside when he rolled up in a black SUV with some friends. He got out of the car first and started walking toward her and said, ‘You look beautiful today,’ and asked if he could sit with her!”

The woman apparently agreed to chat with the hunk, because of who Justin was, but ultimately told the heartthrob that he was too young for her.

It seems Justin Bieber is keeping busy indeed in the lead-up to his “Purpose” world tour, which kicks off next month.

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram]

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