Liam Payne: Is Danielle Peazer Exploiting One Direction Star’s Friendship?

Liam Payne is one of the most high profile celebrities in the music business. One Direction star Liam has many millions of followers across a variety of social media platforms and like his bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson his every move is scrutinized by the media and by Payne’s millions of fans. As many have found in the past being linked with Liam or any member of One Direction is most definitely a mixed blessing. Danielle Peazer was reported to have dated Payne for a couple of years prior to their break up in 2013.

Like many of the girls linked with a member of One Direction, Peazer initially found that dating Payne was a far from straightforward undertaking. Many of Liam’s fans initially treated Danielle with suspicion, and in some cases with hostility. Despite splitting with Liam, Danielle has built a formidable social media following through her make-up and beauty tutorials on YouTube and blogging platforms.

It has been quite some time since we last heard of Peazer being linked with Liam, so many of Payne’s fans will look on with incredulity as we see the link between the pair resurrected just as Peazer launches a new product line.

The Mirror reports today that, since splitting with Payne, Danielle “has made the most of her popularity by [becoming] a YouTube star doing her own tutorials and has now launched a makeup and fragrances range.”

Danielle claims that she and Liam are still on good terms, but also that both she and Payne have moved on.

“We’re definitely on good terms but it has been three years, that’s a long time now we’ve been broken up. We’re both over it, we’ve both moved on, we’re not going to sit here and slag each other off but it is what it is.”

If you were being cynical, you might be asking why, if Danielle and Liam have moved on, she mentioned Payne at all. There is nothing to suggest that Liam has any involvement in her business ventures or that Payne has provided any practical support for her ventures.

According to Xpose, Danielle has felt like quitting social media on occasion because – as we all recognize – it can be a hostile place, but she claims that Payne’s support has helped her to persevere.

“Having a bit of perseverance and being supported by Liam has been great. We still support each other and I think that’s been really vital for me and for him.”

Danielle claims that she has been very grateful for the support of Liam’s millions of fans, whom she describes as “amazing.” Apparently, Liam’s fans have been keen to get their hands on Danielle’s new collection of three fragrances and three eyeshadow palettes. The collection is released in conjunction with Young and Gifted and is called Peace, Love & Happiness.

Peazer praises Payne’s fanbase describing them as “very loyal” and says she believes that she has the respect of Liam’s fans.

“It says a lot about that fan base as a whole, they are obviously very loyal and I think I’ve gained their respect and maintained my self-respect by the way I’ve dealt with things. I haven’t gone and sold myself out or anybody else. I would never have done that.”

Peazer has amassed a personal following of over five million people across her social media platforms. Whilst that barely makes a dent in the numbers who follow Payne, it shows that Danielle has a strong fanbase. Why then, you have to wonder, is it necessary to exploit a link with Payne that, by her own admission, passed its “sell-by” date years ago?

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