One Direction Bond Strong — Louis Tomlinson Teased Harry Styles About Taylor Swift And Harry Loved It

The friendship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles has been on the rocks for a while if reports by The Sun are to be believed.

Dan Wootton claims that the One Direction buddies, who started off as best pals and even lived together for a while, fell out spectacularly around 2012 for reasons nobody knows.

[Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson] spent the first year of 1D’s success…living together in a rented £3million North London flat.

But by the start of 2012 they had abruptly moved out, their best friendship over, leaving them barely able to talk to each other unless for work purposes or in public.

A source close to the band revealed: “Apart from Harry and Louis, no one knows exactly what caused the falling out — they didn’t even tell the other boys the full details.

“But it was very serious and their friendship has never recovered. Everyone involved in the band is well aware of the animosity between them.

Now Hollywood Life is reporting that Louis and Harry may have met up for Harry’s 22nd birthday yesterday.

Not only that, it was apparently Louis who came up with the idea of Harry tweeting a lyric from a Taylor Swift song yesterday.

Friends and family have apparently been teasing Harry, who is the youngest member of One Direction, about the fact that he is finally getting “old.”

It was reportedly Louis Tomlinson who referenced Taylor Swift’s song “22” while everybody was teasing the curly-haired birthday boy.

Friends and family have been joking with him about getting older and it was Louis [Tomlinson] who actually brought up the reference and Harry thought it was hilarious and thought that he would have some fun with it. So he did the tweet.

Intriguingly, the Taylor Swift song in question is about letting loose after a break-up. In the first verse Taylor encourages all her friends to get together, dress up like hipsters and “make fun of our exes.”

Could Harry, who is newly free from a relationship, be spilling to his curious friends and family about his breakup with Kendall Jenner?

Unreality TV is speculating that all the One Direction guys may have met up for Harry’s birthday. Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are all in LA, within close range of each other, and Niall Horan reportedly flew out of Melbourne just in time for Harry’s birthday, so it’s possible the blonde Irishman has jetted to LA and joined in the festivities wearing a pair of his black-rimmed hipster glasses.

Another theory about the birthday tweet surrounds Harry’s determination to stay single. Harold reportedly broke up with Taylor Swift, and more recently with Kendall Jenner, because he feels he is too young for a serious relationship and does not want to commit to anyone at this stage in his life.

It appears the carefree young crooner is indeed “feeling 22.”

You look like bad news…I gotta have you.

Perhaps the One Direction star was taunting Taylor in a roundabout way when he sent the tweet.

Harry was definitely “bad news,” as far as the blonde songstress was concerned — she stated that her primary emotion while she was in a relationship with Styles was anxiety, according to the Daily Mail.

If there was a sneaky shade in Harry’s “22” tweet, he is denying it. According to a source:

[Harry’s] intentions were in no way to get Taylor, Calvin [Harris] or anyone else upset! He just thought it was hysterical.

The One Direction star brushed off media interest last year when everybody was speculating that the One Direction song “Perfect” was about Taylor Swift.

Last year, at the height of 2015 “Perfect” lyrics analysis, the One Direction guys played “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen. Harry responded with “I Have Not” to the question of whether he has ever had a song written about him.

Ellen expressed her disbelief. “We’re not going to play if you’re going to lie,” Ellen remarked, referring to Taylor Swift’s songs “Style” and “Out Of The Woods” and the belief that she wrote them about Harry.

The audience cheered when Ellen grabbed Harry’s paddle and turned it over to read “I Have.”

“Oh, stop,” Harry declared as the ecstatic audience clapped and wooted.

This raises yet another possibility: perhaps the 1D star is trolling all of us with his latest offering on Twitter.

“Get a load of this one,” Harry seemed to say yesterday when he sent his “22” tweet out into the interwebs, feeding the “Haylor” fires with a new dribble of Twitter-based gasoline.

Is Harry Styles pulling the media’s collective leg? Did One Direction meet up for Harry Styles’ birthday?

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