Valentine’s Day: Four Incredibly Cheap And Fast Gift Ideas That Will Still Make Your Partner Swoon

A previous report from The Inquisitr listed the Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day date night, including original ideas about how to spend time with your significant other. But what about actual Valentine’s Day gifts? Here are some gift ideas that will sweep your partner off his or her feet, without costing you hardly any time or money.

A list of reasons you love them. If you’re not sure how to shop for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, but you’re sure you’re madly in love, try giving that person a list of all the reasons they mean so much to you. If you’re in the relationship for the long-haul, you should have no trouble thinking of all the things that make your partner great. Maybe you love how they make you laugh, or how ambitious they are, or you love one of their quirky habits. A solid list of ten things will go pretty far, but the more reasons the better! Who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day hearing their partner explain exactly why they’re so perfect?

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A bag of Valentine’s Day goodies. In some cases, quantity over quality can actually be a better choice for Valentine’s Day. Spending a lot on one big item can be risky, because there’s always a chance your loved one won’t like the gift. But a collection of cheap, tiny, and adorable presents can be incredibly fun to open. Most major stores like Target and Walmart have got you covered in this category, often stacking shelves full of cute Valentine’s Day items for one dollar or less. Pick out a bunch of things that remind you of your partner, or things you think they’ll enjoy. This could include mugs, candy, toys, decorations, stuffed animals, party favors and much more. They don’t have to be Valentine’s Day themed either.

A neat little bag of five to 10 items sends a lighthearted message of love and playfulness. Of course, you know your partner best, so if cheap trinkets aren’t their thing you may want to go a different route. But it’s an idea to try for at least one Valentine’s Day, assuming you and your partner haven’t already agreed to exchange deeply sentimental gifts.

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A collection of meaningful mementos. If you’re set on getting your significant other an actual present on Valentine’s Day but don’t have any money to spend, another bag of goodies may be the best choice. But this time, don’t worry about buying them. If you’ve been with your partner long enough, you probably have a few fond memories that make both of you blush. Maybe you kept a ticket stub from your first date or a keepsake from a milestone in your lives. Even if you have nothing authentic to give, you can put together a box of symbolic objects that commemorate certain things about your relationship, such as an item that simply reminds you of your partner — or reminds you of an inside joke you share. Jim Halpert famously used this idea in an episode of The Office, giving his crush a teapot containing a ketchup packet, a broken pencil and other objects that told the story of their friendship.

Don’t have anything commemorative of your relationship? Start saving now and use this idea for a future Valentine’s Day!

Make something. You probably saw this one coming. Find something you’re decent at and turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift. Write a song, carve some wood, make a card, cook a dessert, make some effort to show your partner means a lot to you. If the final product is silly and terrible, own it. That can be part of the fun of Valentine’s Day. It shows you’re willing to be vulnerable and cheesy for the sake of the one you love. Better Homes and Gardens has some ideas on homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Combinations.If you don’t think any one of those four Valentine’s Day ideas is enough, try giving your partner a combination of a few of them. Or all of them!

Bank Rate also lists some cheap and free Valentine’s Day gift ideas featuring one of the most valuable things you can give to your partner: quality time. Read more here.

In the true nature of Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought you put behind the gift that matters, not the money you spent on it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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