‘Legends of Tomorrow’ — DC Comics Teased Easter Egg Props Tied To Justice Society Of America Heroes

Some nice Instagram teases by DC Comics captioned with the Legends of Tomorrow TV show nomenclature were put forth on their social media page recently, according to Collider. Now, these Easter egg teases may or may not be an indicator of the characters to be appearing on the show.

But posting these may indicate the Justice Society of America team members could make an appearance in the future. After all, Jonah Hex was already teased via a wanted poster and had already been set forth to appear in DC ‘s Legends of Tomorrow.

The following images that were teased also indicated a method by which one can filter the photos to show-off the characters associated with their items. This is quite an exciting geek-related method that would be analogous to reading a message as left behind by disappearing ink, but instead pixels would be used.

The first Legends of Tomorrow JSA teased picture looks to be Red Tornado/Cyclone, portrayed by the character Abigail Mathilda “Ma” Hunkel, and also possibly one of the very first ever superheros that would sometimes pretend to be a man and according to Wikipedia, “comics’ first cross-dressing heroine.” The Instagram image was that of the iconic pot helmet with eye holes. One of her special abilities mentioned, besides super strength, was that of being a great cook. So it would make sense to use a cook’s more likely tool as a disguise.

The following Legends of Tomorrow DC Comics Instagram tease was that of an hour glass. A primitive tool to measure the passing of time. The filtered Instagram photo revealed Hourman and a caption revealing a pharmaceutical profession. In comic book lore, he goes by the name Rex Tyler, according to Wikipedia. He is a scientist dabbling in vitamins and hormones and discovers a drug called “Miraclo” that can give him superhuman strength for an hour, thus likely the hourglass as seen pictured.

Sandman comes next with his gas mask. According to comic book lore at Wikipedia, he’s said to bear the name of Wesley Dodds and was the first to take on the Sandman character in DC Comics. He was a member of the French Army and wore a fedora, green business suit, and a gas mask. He was first given the nomenclature of “mystery man” then later Sandman and also one of the founders of the Justice Society of America. He was known for packing a gun that shot sleeping gas at criminals, putting them into a slumber.

Yet another Legends of Tomorrow picture was teased on Instagram and the filter reveals the helmet of Sgt. Rock, the well renowned Easy Company sergeant that served in World War II. DC Comics lore and Wikipedia indicates he rose through the ranks during the war via field promotions because of his superiors dying in combat.

Perhaps Rip Hunter and his crew of time traveling prospective heroes will encounter him in the World War II era? Could they even enlist Sgt. Rock’s help to take on Vandal Savage in one of the most epic wars?

If you take a look at the Justice League animated series’ Season 1 finale, the episode name is “The Savage Time” where during World War II, Vandal Savage reigns as a leader and Sgt. Rock is involved with the team. Could some inspiration for a future episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow come from this? Although, research indicates his only affiliations are with Task Force X/Suicide Squad and Easy Company.

It is interesting to entertain how these future DC characters may come into play on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which airs every Thursday on the CW at 8 p.m. EST.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment]

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