Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier Rematch In The Works — UFC Expected To Announce The April Fight This Week?

It’s time to rumble — again. MMA Junkie stated that former UFC champion Jon Jones will be stepping into the Octagon again to win back his title against the champion, Daniel Cormier. The belt that Jon Jonas wishes to win back is one he never lost in the traditional sense.

After being arresting for a felony hit-and-run in April of last year, Jon Jones was suspended from the UFC indefinitely. In October, Jones was given the go-ahead to return to the Octagon when the UFC lifted his indefinite suspension. Almost immediately, Jon began to confirm that he was ready, willing, and able to get back to work and claim his place in the UFC as one of the best fighters to step into the Octagon.

MMA Junkie confirmed that there should be an announcement revealing the date of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2 by the end of the week. According to the speculation, the fight will take place during UFC in April, however, it could be some time after that, as well.

The ball is in the UFC court, and they have the power to either schedule a rematch for the fighters or delay it a few months to continue to build up in the hype. Jon Jones fans are eager to see him reclaim his belt, and they cannot wait for the fighter to show that he is back and will conquer the sport.

Bleacher Report reported that Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler stated that the UFC will have an announcement about the bout in the next couple days, and the details will be extremely exciting for the fans. Sholler teased it has been rough to reach a deal, but it appears they are in the final stages of signing a contract.

Jones’ last bout was in January of 2015 — Jon defeated Cormier by a unanimous decision and kept his heavyweight title/belt. Not long after the fight, Jones faced criminal charges, and the UFC was forced to strip him of his belt and title, which gave Daniel Cormier an opportunity to take the belt.

Cormier defeated Anthony Johnson by submission to claim the unclaimed belt and title. Daniel defended his title in October, defeating Alexander Gustafsson. Cormier has proven himself as well rounded fight and could be an excellent match up against Jon Jones’ skills.

Jones announced that he planned to fight three times in 2016. Jon’s first bout is expected to be in April against Daniel Cormier. Jones hopes to fight Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson by the end of the year. Jon noted that if it cannot be scheduled by the end of the year, he will be patient and wait for the perfect time to fight.

There is no love lost between Cormier and Jones. The former UFC champ and Daniel had a near brawl during the pre-fight face-off. Things got ugly in a flash, and it took multiple security guards and bodyguards to separate the heavyweight fighters. At one point, a shoe was thrown, and numerous threats were said. UFC fans were left excited to see the two face off in the Octagon.

Jon was asked via Twitter over the weekend how many fights he thinks he could have in him before moving up to the heavyweight division, and he responded with three names. Jones wants to defeat Cormier, Johnson, and Gustafsson.

It looks like the UFC will announce in the next few days, when Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will battle in the Octagon. Are you excited to see the two finally come to blows in a real fight?

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