Guy Sebastian And His Brother Chris Rock Sell-Out Concerts, Almost Didn’t Audition For ‘Idol’ Due To Lack Of Confidence

Guy Sebastian is enjoying playing smaller, more intimate venues during his current You…Me…Us tour, and he is loving it. Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Sebastian is really enjoying life on the road.

“I’m doing four or five shows in a row. I’m loving it. It’s the best. The arena tours are great and you fly in and stay at a hotel but they are rigid. On this tour we have thrown songs in and chucked songs out.”

Guy Sebastian even enjoys getting his own personalized ginger beer.

“Bundy, Gladstone, Maryborough is pretty familiar to me. I remember last time I was in Bundy I got my very own personalised ginger beer, which was very nice.”

Even though he has his pick, Guy Sebastian chose his younger brother, Chris, to be his support while on tour. He is happy and proud to have him.

“Good luck @chrisebastian can you guess which one is him?”

Guy said that Chris is exceeding even his own expectations on the tour, according to News Mail.

“He is killing it. He thought he might sell 200 to 300 CDs on the tour and he sold that in one night.”

All of this success is due to Guy Sebastian’s win on the first Australian Idol, which set his feet on the path to a sizzling music career. But Sebastian almost didn’t go for Idol. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that he admitted he had no confidence and almost didn’t audition.

“I almost didn’t audition for Idol. I had no confidence back then. I was a fat, weird-looking kid that didn’t have a lot of confidence. Coming through that process [Idol], it definitely makes me realise the power of how a simple decision can change someone’s life. It’s changed my life so much.”

Now that he is getting back to more basic performances and really enjoying himself, Guy Sebastian wants to create some happier content for his next album. He says that it’s all about the song for him.

“For me it’s all about the song. Sometimes you can write a great song and then it can get completely over-crowded by production and I just want to strip it back a bit more with the production and go a bit more creative with the sounds. I want to go really simple and have some lyrical content that is a little happier. My last album was so dark and so focused on break-ups. I had a very close family member go through a marriage break up and he was living with me at the time, so it was a very dark time as far as relationships go and even though it’s a pop album, it felt quite sad. I want to get back to singing about love and get back to a happy, soulful place.”

But he admits he is in a better place than ever in his life, which has just made him more obsessed with music.

“I’m in the best place I’ve ever been and I’ve never loved music so much. I’m actually a bit embarrassed about my new-found love for music because – it sounds stupid that I should have a new-found love because I’ve obviously always loved music – but every couple of days I will find moments in my life where I’m listening to something and I go ‘Man, I love this!’ I’ve never listened to so much music in my life.”

Guy Sebastian sounds like he is truly rocking it in his life right now, and even recently enjoyed some downtime with his wife, sons, and brother.

The break from touring is most likely very welcome. Good luck as you carry on, Guy Sebastian!

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