WWE News: Rusev Reponds To Reports Of Lana Having Heat In WWE On Twitter

Wrestlers interact with social media a lot different than any other athlete does in professional sports. WWE superstars use it to engage the audience, enhance rivalries, begin feuds, and stir up controversy. The latest superstar on Twitter is Kevin Owens. As soon as he came up to the main roster, the former NXT champion began to answer to the fans who continuously berate Owens on social media. He wanted to toy with them, not ignore them.

What WWE’s best heel does is wise. He doesn’t cross the line and use any profanity. Owens thinks of a witty comeback and blocks them. There’s a smart way to utilize social media and a wrong way. Other WWE stars who have gotten in trouble didn’t use it the right way. Think of social media as a privilege. It can either help or hurt anyone.

Transitioning from social media to a WWE diva that has “heat,” Lana has made rare appearances on WWE television in recent months. Reason being, there’s reported heat on her backstage from WWE officials and others. None of it was confirmed by the WWE, but that was to be expected. Konnan, who worked for WCW, WWE and TNA, said “confirmed” the heat on Lana. It apparently stemmed from an incident at an airport.

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Remember how WWE superstars should use Twitter wisely? Rusev, the self-proclaimed TV champion, is engaged to Lana in real life. Since he was involved in Konnan’s claim about the heat she has, he took to Twitter and answered him out of character.

“This just in breaking news @LanaWWE injured Del Rio. Reasons are unknown. I don’t know what ‘heat’ is but she has so much of it.

Before you hear it on a some guy podcast. @LanaWWE did not break @WWESheamus arm. But I’m sure it’s going to be her fault anyways!

Podcasts are soooooooo cool bro. You can make up all kinds of stories and it’s like world news. Great reporters. #Murica#believe#sheep

Reading lies posted by @davemeltzerWON#MilkIsForBabieshttps://twitter.com/kingsfrontenacs/status/692195959556739073 …

For those who are wondering what Konnan said exactly, it was on the MLW Radio podcast. In summation, the incident had Lana screaming at Rusev in front of everyone and that Rusev has heat for not standing up for himself. To be completely frank, this story doesn’t make much sense. Reason being, why does anyone at WWE care about an engaged couple yelling at each other?

Now, if Lana was being abusive, then the problem is evident. However, that’s clearly not the case. It’s probably a matter of misunderstanding, and someone who Konnan knows may have exaggerated the story. The heat on Lana is constantly rumored for various reason. That’s presumably why the Rock buried her during his return to WWE Raw last week.

In professional wrestling, not many folks truly know what’s going on behind the scenes. As far as storylines are concerned, that’s a different situation entirely. Her personal endeavors with her fiancee are entirely private, and nobody truly understands the events that transpired, except for those personally involved. Rusev’s reaction to the accusations is a proper way to do so.

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However, if WWE officials were to get mad at Rusev for breaking character, then there are a lot of other instances where that has occurred with no consequences. He was sticking up for his fiancee, and perhaps the WWE diva does have heat on her.

If that were the case, she wouldn’t be on TV at all. Judging by the booking, Lana isn’t an integral part of WWE programming. That’s not a knock on her, but that’s the vibe WWE is carrying.

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