‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: A Formal Dinner Party Turns Into A Bloody Good Time, The Jaw-Dropping Episode

It finally happened. The episode Americans have been bracing for. The dinner party that turned into a bloody mess aired on Sunday night on PBS, and even though most viewers knew what was coming up on Downton Abbey, it was still quite a shock to see it all unfold.

While the battle between Violet and pretty much everyone else at the table was raging on, Robert was beginning to show signs of exploding. The events that led up to this night were obvious in that Lord Grantham had been complaining to Cora about his horrible indigestion, as noted by TV Line. While Cora and Violet were battling it out over the hospital war, Robert lost his bloody ulcer battle at the Downton Abbey dinner party.

After his ulcer “overfloweth,” he spewed a bloody mess all over Cora, much to his wife’s astonishment, not to mention all over the good china. What a way to end the night. After this terrible scene happened, Robert managed to utter a few heartbreaking words to his wife before being rushed to the hospital.

“If this is it, just know that I have loved you very, very much.”

Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern.
‘Downton Abbey’ stars Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was also in attendance at this horrendous dinner party at Downton Abbey. The Countess Dowager managed to swindle him into coming as a backup since she no longer has Clarkson on her team. After all, a countess has to do what a countess has to do, even if it means blackmail. However, after her son’s life was hanging in the balance, this whole thing has taken a back burner, at least for a little while.

Lady Mary was visibly shaken by daddy Grantham’s health scare. She was also taken aback by what she overheard about little Marigold. She is now starting to put two and two together about who the child’s real mother is. Will this give Mary another chance to ridicule Edith, or will she finally give her sis a break and sympathize with her in the end?

Mr. Carson was also shaken to the core by his Lordship’s crisis. Even though Robert is expected to make it through his health scare, Carson put the whole thing in perspective.

“Life is short, death is sure. That is all we know.”

Before her dad erupted, Lady Edith and her new guy sealed their blooming relationship with their first smooch. Maybe she will get her happy ending after all in this final season of Downton Abbey.

In other news, Baxter headed to court to testify against Croyle with Mr. Moseley tagging along. He seems to be her shadow these days. When are those two going to confess their love for each other? Baxter got to court but then found out that Croyle had changed his plea to guilty, so she was off the hook.

Downton viewers finally got to see Mr. and Mrs. Carson in their new home as newlyweds. However, Carson makes a huge mistake when it came to dinner. His new wife needed a bit of brushing up on her rusty cooking skills with the help of Mrs. Patmore, but Carson wasn’t too impressed. Much to Mrs. Hughes dismay, her hubby got his panties in a twist when he started out by asking if the meat was done enough and then boldly stated, “This plate is cold, which is a pity.” It was more of a pity that he was even colder than his dinner plate.

Speaking of cold, Denker ended up calling Dr. Clarkson a traitor trying to defend Violet. The good doctor sent out a letter to the countess tattling on Denker. This agitates Violet so much that she tells her servant to find new employment. This has Spratt happy as a clam. Of course, there is that one detail of Spratt’s nephew, and Denker is not afraid to use it as leverage. Spratt saves the maid’s job and all is well, that is until the next time she needs to mention his nephew again.

Andy is still trying his best to avoid the company of Barrow, with good reason. He told Anna and Bates that he is well aware of Thomas’ preference and makes sure that everyone knows that he is not that way. He later heads out to Mr. Mason’s farm with Daisy and Mrs. Patmore. Lady Mary and Branson stop by, voicing their concern about Mason being able to handle the physical part of pig farming. Andy steps up and tells them that he will indeed be helping with that.

In fact, Andy wants to learn the art of pigs. Mr. Mason gave him a stack of books to read about pig farming. Back at Downton, it is later learned that the boy never learned to read. In steps Thomas, who is more than willing to be Andy’s personal tutor.

It seems that Daisy is a bit jealous that her father-in-law is making new friends, like Mrs. Patmore. Mr. Mason has leaned on her for so long, but he is kind of taking a liking to the Downton cook. Is there something brewing here? After all, Mrs. Patmore deserves a little love like everyone else at Downton Abbey.

Lady Mary and Branson have formed an impeccable friendship, so much so that he is not afraid to tell Mary how it is. When she mentions that she doesn’t want her next husband to “be grander or richer” than her, Tom reminded her of his and Sybil’s relationship. Downton Abbey viewers were taken back once again down memory lane, as the show’s Twitter noted. Tom was also brass enough to tell Mary and Henry Talbot at dinner to stop beating around the bush about their feelings.

“Why can’t you just say, ‘I’d love to spend more time with you. When can we do it?'”

What did you think of this bloody good episode of Downton Abbey?

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