Couple Who Met On Instagram Gets Married In California Airport Within Minutes Of Meeting For First Time

A long-distance couple who met on Instagram, Arte Vann and Erica Harris, met for the first time at the Ontario Airport after Arte purchased a one-way ticket to visit Harris for the first time in person. However, upon meeting, Arte decided that he couldn’t live another second without Erica and asked his Instagram crush to marry him within seconds of meeting. The long-distance lover said yes, and the pair were married immediately in the airport terminal.

The Daily Mail reports that Arte Vann and Erica Harris met each other on the social media photo sharing website Instagram. However, the pair lived on opposite ends of the country, with Vann living in New York and Harris living in California. However, the pair instantly hit if off after a “spontaneous” meeting on the social media website. Once the two began exchanging messages on Instagram, they quickly began a long-distance relationship.

A year after the pair first met on Instagram, the two decided they wanted to meet in person. However, they didn’t want to have a regular meeting. They decided that the first time they met face-to-face should also be the time they got married. Therefore, Arte decided to purchase a one-way ticket to California, where he would pop the big question.

In an interview with CBSLA, Erica says that she has no regrets about marrying a man she met for the first time in an airport. In fact, she says it is a fairy-tale. Harris says that you can’t “drag your feet with true love” and that the pair simply wanted to leap into their new life together.

“You don’t drag your feet with real love. You leap into that like there’s no tomorrow, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Both Arte and Erica were on board with the immediate marriage and planned for the wedding ceremony to take place right in the Ontario International Airport in California as soon as Arte landed. The event went off as planned with Arte dropping to his knee with a ring the moment he stepped off of the airplane. Erica immediately said yes to the proposal, and the pair had what is likely one of the shortest engagements of all time. The two were immediately married in the airport terminal.

The pair that had never met before Arte landed in California were married before they ever left the airport together for the first time. Erica says that people should still believe in fairy-tales as she is a real-life example of a true love story. Arte seems to agree telling other men to follow their “your heart” and “soul” instead of you head when it comes to love.

“Don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t listen to your head. Follow your heart. Follow your soul.”

The Ontario International Airport spokesperson said that the airport had no knowledge of the impending marriage until they were alerted by local media just prior to the event. The airport says they had nothing to do with the nuptials aside from providing crowd control for the media that came to the event.

“It was set up by them. All we did was crowd control. Our PR told us they never met and the first time they met they got married in the terminal.”

What do you think of Arte Vann and Erica Harris getting married in the airport terminal the first time they met? Do you think their Instagram love story is a real life fairy-tale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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