Fake Freckles, Rainbow Freckles, Colored Freckles Are Here [Photos]

Believe it or not, rainbow freckles are now a thing. The colorful freckles are taking off on social media, perhaps much to the surprise of those born with freckles who’ve tried all sorts of methods such as lemon juice and more to try and fade their freckles. While some are of the mindset of Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch, who bemoaned her freckles and wanted to get rid of them, others are reveling in the fact that some people want freckles so much that they are drawing their own freckles on their faces.

But these are no regular freckles. They are colorful, and called rainbow freckles — or other names. The #rainbowfreckles hashtag has 89 posts on Instagram, with plenty of photos showing the variety of ways that people are creating their colorful freckles. The #coloredfreckles hashtag has 26 posts on Instagram, and the #colorfulfreckles hashtag has 11 posts. Some of the colorful rainbow freckles are truly creative designs — with those creating the freckles using all sorts of designs to paint the freckles around their eyes, on their cheeks or over their entire faces.

Some beauty fiends paint the freckles around their eyes, while others place them nearby the cheeks.

It’s really up to the imagination of the person creating the rainbow freckles and the availability of the make-up tools used to create the faux freckles.

The fact that freckles are in style seems an extension of the rainbow-colored hair trend and the underlights hair trend, which has folks getting various colors placed in their hair in a manner that hides it partially.

The hashtag #fakefreckles has a whopping 3,052 posts on Instagram, proving that some folks want to get more creative in their make-up artistry beyond eye shadow, contouring, lip gloss, and blush. So say goodbye to trying to cover up a countenance and create a smooth and even palette of skin. These girls are busy painting a variety of dots on their faces in beautiful patterns, using their faces like a blank canvas to be painted upon.

Along with their fake freckles photos, some of those who sport the fake freckles describe that they use brow gel in order to create them.

Fake freckles can credit their popularity to Kendall Jenner and her Instagram photos, reports Today, when Jenner created a look that others tried to emulate with freckles dotted on with eyeliner.

There are DIY videos for rainbow freckles, and both the rainbow freckles and fake freckles can be created using standard eyeliners or ones with very bold colors. The fake freckles can truly represent a striking look against the skin.

According to In Style, rainbows are en vogue, and as such — rainbow and colored freckles have made their way into the beauty world.

“Rainbows have infiltrated the beauty world as one of the biggest trends in the past few years, transforming hair, eyebrows—and even armpits—into colorful, museum-worthy works of art. Now, freckles are the latest way to add a splash of color to your look, with beauty enthusiasts speckling their faces with bold, multicolored dots on Instagram.”

“The technique behind the dramatic look involves sporadically placing various sized dots that mimic the pattern of actual freckles in colors that complement or match your eye makeup or lipstick. The vibrant spots are created by taking liquid lipstick on the back of the hand, dipping a concealer brush into the product, and using to paint on the dots onto the face.”

“The result is a whimsical and unique beauty look that may not exactly work for the office or your next dinner date, but is guaranteed to generate a ton of ‘likes’ online.”

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