Much-Awaited Kim Wu Trailer For ‘Killer Instinct’ Is Here! See How She Kicks A**!

The trailer for Killer Instinct’s third season is here and they are confirming the involvement of Kim Wu’s character in the game.

The Xbox One exclusive Killer Instict will add Kim Wu on its roster of characters. This addition is believed to improve the content of the game, according to GameRant.

Game developer Iron Galaxy Studios rolled out its plans for the third season of the game, and that includes adding more fighters and stages. However, Iron Galaxy Studios has been quite secretive with the character launches. There were also talks about Rash from Battleloads possibly joining in as well.

Kim Wu is Badass!

At first glance, Kim Wu seems like the generic female Chinese character who does street fighting. But, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Kim Wu’s character is 17-years-old and she came from South Korea. Her known allies are Jago, B. Orchid, Maya, TJ Combo, and Tusk.

Kim Wu appeared on the 2013 version of Killer Instinct and she has a rather modern appearance compared to the other characters. She has her red hair up in a pony while her legs are covered in fishnet stockings. She is mostly seen in purple or turquoise outfit.

As a descendant of the banished heroes of Eyedol and Gargos, Kim Wu became the nation’s guardian. She got her training from the traditional combat of her ancestors and she was a guardian since birth, her training started very early. When the enemy, Gargos, destroyed her world, she had vowed for revenge.

Kim Wu Signature Moves

Kim Wu has a great physical ability. It has rooted from her extensive training since she was young. Her basic moveset includes: Tornado Kick, Pressure Move, Parry Move, Reverse Throw, Roll, Air Double, Pop-up, Air Fire, Fireflower, Fake Split Kick, Firecracker, and Tornado Kick.

She also has her special moves: 0-Combo Ultimate, Ultimate Combod, Ultra Combo, Mini-Ultra Combo and the Ultra Combo Breaker, which would require 6 Super Bar Blocks.

‘Killer Instinct’ Kim Wu Trailer

Before Kim Wu, Rash was already previewed in a different Killer Instinct trailer. Kim Wu’s participation this 2016 was just formally announced at the 2016 Killer Instinct World Cup where her character was made available for the first time. Her new version still reflects her original funky style and her high level martial arts.

Iron Galaxy said they were really looking out for feedback from the fans. According to Gamerant, it was explained in a forum post that the game creators were seeking fans’ opinions on Kim Wu.

“If we were to do Season 3 of Killer Instinct, we would definitely have Kim Wu return. Well guess what, we’re doing Season 3. Tell us your thoughts about Kim Wu.”

With Kim Wu’s addition, the game developer seeks to improve the content of the game.

The trailer has been evidence of Microsoft’s efforts to reintroduce te game to fans and possible entice more gamers. With the remix of the classic theme Dojo, the trailer properly highlights Kim Wu’s character.

Kim Wu’s voice over was inspiring and it just adds to the hype of Killer Instinct Season 3.

“Six months ago, if you told me fate decreed I’d be saving the world, I’d have laughed in your face and given fate the middle finger. But here I am: martial artist, design student, and now, demon ass-kicker. That dragon? It’s mine. It chose me. According to my ancestors, that means I’m the savior of the world – no pressure. A few months from now, I won’t be questioning fate, but you can bet I’ll be standing victorious over the body of whatever this ‘Gargos’ thing is, because I won’t let it end any other way.”

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