Super Smash Bros. Introduces Two New Characters Bayonetta, Corin; See How These Two Will Improve Game Storyline

Smash Bros. just released a surprise update to the fans after announcing on their Twitter page that Bayonetta and Corrin will be the new additions to the roster.

This came as a gift to game aficionados, since these were anticipated characters in the game.

Though others were pleased, some users are still skeptical on how the western versions of these characters would come to be.

A Twitter user responded saying, “cant wait to see how corrin got ruined by translation [sic].”

Nintendo America has also confirmed that Corrin and Bayonetta would be coming this Feb. 3. A couple of YouTube videos were also posted last week featuring Corrin and Bayonetta in action.

The gamplay previews for the characters featured their strengths. Both Corrin and Bayonetta were doing super-fast movements and there were also a show of some tricks.

Cinemablend noted: “Corrin’s outfit and weapon appears to morph on the fly, making them a very versatile character when going one-on-one. It’ll be interesting to see how Corrin handles a crowd.”

On the other hand, Bayonetta appeared to be more of a close-range fighter. Though it could be seen as a disadvantage by some, she actually has some dangerous combos once the enemy comes close. Though she is considered as a close-range fighter, she can still do some mid-range attacks. At the same time, she has a time portal field which she can use to trap her opponent.

Bayonetta in the Making

Bayonetta actually came from the Bayonetta series of Nintendo. Now, she will be added as a new character in Super Smash Bros. 4. This will be the seventh and final downloadable character of the game.

Bayonetta’s launch was announced last Dec. 15, 2015, and she will be released alongside Corrin.

Bayonetta is a combo fighter who is built to do multi-hitting attacks. Though close-range is her best skill, she also specializes in aerial combos. One of her special attacks would be Bullet Arts, where she can fire invisible bullets with no hitstun. She also has Bullet Climas, which is very effective for concluding KOs.

Bayonetta is also known for her smash attacks that all need the involvement of the Wicked Weaves. Her Madama Butterfly could be used in the Forward Smash to provide big horizontal range. Up Smash and Down Smash are useful for fighting characters bigger than her.

Bayonetta has other tricks up her sleeves includeing the Witch Twist and Witch Time. Witch Twist is Bayonetta’s recovery move that sends her into a spiral as she attacks from the air. It looks like a Rising Uppercut. On the other hand, Witch Time is a downward counterattack that can slow down the opponent.

Corrin from Fire Emblem

Corrin will be Bayonetta’s launch partner this coming Feb. 3. He came from the Fire Emblem universe, and users can actually choose whether they would like to play Corrin as a male or female character. Corrin is the sixth downloadable character for Super Smash Bros. 4.

Corrin is known for his dragon form that happens when he falls down to the grown with a pool of water underneath. He can also go back to his human form after doing this.

As for the type of player, Corrin is more on ground attacks. He has the Dragon Fang that is considered to be the Neutral attach that slashes the opponent with his sword.

Smash attacks are also popular for this character. The majority of his attacks use the Dragon Fang, and he can use this to transform his legs into a Dragon Fang leg to add attack hits to his opponents.

For more information on the characters, watch their videos below:

[Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]

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