Drake vs. Meek Mill Round 2: Rappers Reignite Hip Hop’s Hottest Feud With New Diss Tracks

Will Drake win another round with Meek Mill, back to back? Or does Meek finally get to claim a win? After more than six months, Meek has responded to a string of losses in a feud with Drake last summer. It seems like the break was good for Meek, who has definitely come back with a much stronger diss than before. Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen” on Saturday night and almost immediately, Meek Mill Responded with “War Pain.” Which diss track do you think is better in round two of Drake vs. Meek Mill?

Many believe that Meek Mill will be dropping his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 album on April 4. That stems from the name of Meek’s recent EP titled 4/4. Makes sense, Right? Given that clue, Drake’s upcoming release and the newly announced release date have got to be deliberate in an effort to reignite the Drake vs. Meek Mill feud again.

Drake released the first track from his upcoming Views From The 6 album called “Summer Sixteen” on Saturday night according to VH1. In “Summer Sixteen,” Drake rapped, “I let the diss record drop, you were standing right below me, n***a / We must have played it a hundred times, you was going to bed.” Obviously aimed at Meek, Drake continued, “Why would I put on a vest I expect you to aim for the head / I coulda killed you the first time / You don’t have to try and say it louder n***a / Trust, we heard you the first time.”

Meek Mill made some major waves and might have even finally got a win with his latest release, “War Pain.” The latest Meek offering takes shots at both Drake and 50 Cent, which won’t go over well with either of them. The Daily Beast even announced Meek’s win in the word war calling “War Pain” a “vicious attack” on Drake and 50 Cent. Meek Mill released “War Pain” just minutes after Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen.” At least it didn’t take Nicki’s man six months to come up with a good comeback again.

Meek may have had an unfair advantage while proving his point while taking another huge shot at Drake. Fans wondered how Meek knew what Drake wrote in is brand new “Summer Sixteen.” It seemed like Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend had to have been tipped off because his retaliation was quick and made reference to Drake’s new song. Meek answered questions about his newest release on Instagram with a picture of himself. Meek captioned the photo, “The ghost writer told me!”

Quentin Miller has previously been fingered as Drake’s ghost writer. Although Miller denies ever writing songs for Drake, they have worked together. Did Quentin leak lyrics of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” to Meek Mill? Or did Meek get his hands on Drake’s newest song some other way? Since we’re asking all the hard questions, here’s one more… Does Meek’s possible win against Drake even count if he cheated to get it or are there rules to hip-hop feuds?

In any case, here is what Meek Mill said that shows he had prior knowledge of Drake’s lyrics and used them to his advantage. “Location: Toronto; Status: five-star hotel, Four Seasons. Them chumps right upstairs, they know not to come down here playin’ no real niggas. Mood, I’m still up countin’ five hundred thousand cash. Nicki in the bedroom sleep, life is good.” Obviously “them chumps right upstairs” refers to Drake and his entourage because Drake rapped about staying in the same hotel on “Summer Sixteen” during the intro.

Certainly this is not the last round in the Drake vs. Meek Mill feud. Both are due to drop albums in April and we can only imagine that both Drake and Meek have plenty to say about each other still. Do you think Meek won round two with “War Pain” or does the W go to Drake for putting out “Summer Sixteen”?

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