Mother Finds Missing Wedding Ring Inside Baby, Parents Now Wait For It To Pass

A wife and mother from Seattle, Washington, became frantic after misplacing her diamond studded wedding ring on Thursday. The platinum and diamond band meant the world to woman, leading her to search everywhere for the prized possession. After the ring was nowhere to be found, she and her husband decided to try one last effort and take their 14-month-old baby to the hospital for an X-ray.

Babies put everything in their mouths, but this child had a taste for the finer things. The X-Ray revealed the diamond ring was clearly visible inside the baby’s body. Relieved that the ring was found, the parents quickly worried for the safety of their child.

CNN revealed that the baby was put under strict observation at the hospital for eight hours. Doctors were worried that the ring could cause harm to the baby, so they wanted to see the ring’s progression through digestions before deciding on emergency surgery or if the ring should just pass naturally.

The baby seemed fine during the eight hours of observation, so doctors decided to allow the ring to just progress in a natural way, letting nature take its course. The parents were warned that it could take up to two weeks for the diamond ring to expel from the baby’s bowels, but in the meantime, they should check each and every poopy diaper for the wedding ring.

“We were allowed to go home. If it doesn’t pass naturally in two weeks, they will go get it.”

The X-Ray image was posted on Reddit by user “iamclarkgriswold,” clearly showing the wedding ring inside the baby.

Mother Finds Missing Wedding Ring Inside Baby, Parents Now Wait For It To Pass
[Photo via IAmClarkGriswold/Reddit]
Both parents anxiously changed the upcoming diapers, hoping to find the ring sooner than the two-week deadline they were given for potential surgery. They even included their other two children, aged 5 and 7, in the poop watch.

Each and every diaper change became a literal treasure hunt. Both parents dug through the poop with a fine tooth comb, hoping to be the one to find the wedding ring after its journey through the center of their child. When it was finally found, the father posted an image on Reddit, although it was quite gross to view, showing that the ring had finally emerged safely and no surgery was required.

The father revealed that the baby was safe and that the ring was also fine.

Many of the followers of the Reddit thread waited in anticipation for the ring to be found, but some were quite skeptical of the mother and father’s parenting abilities. However, the father reassured everyone that this is their third child, so things issues like the missing ring are to be expected, according to FOX 6 NOW.

“Don’t be too critical of us. He’s the third. The third practically raises themselves.”

Although the parents were frightened at the safety of their child throughout the ordeal, and probably learned a lesson as well, a wedding ring is not the strangest item ever found in the stomach of a human being. Items such as nails, live frogs, scissors, toys, and so much more have been extracted from the gut of many people, some causing the individual to be in quite a bit of danger, such as the person that swallowed the iPhone.

In addition, animals, especially dogs, also have a tendency to eat and swallow anything is sight, leading to the potential for a deadly situation if not investigated immediately.

The moral of the story is to keep items out of reach of children and pets, especially those that are shiny and enticing for the baby or pet to put into his or her mouths.

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