Megan Fox on Letterman: Too “irresponsible and immature” to get Married

Still out power-promoting the horrid Transformers 2 movie like nobody’s business, Megan Fox showed up at the Ed Sullivan Theater for Thursday night’s episode of The Late Show with David Letterman.

Fox delighted groupies outside the venue, wearing a little black dress with a revealing see-through top, striking poses for fans and paparazzi like a true champ. On the show, she talked about important things like her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, why she dropped out of high school, etc.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of Megan Fox online and on TV lately and yes, she looks amazing, but there’s not a lot there in the brain department. She does, however, smoke pot which could be an excuse for the diminished intelligence, and for some reason I find it appealing.

Dumb or not, she’s honest. On the topic of marriage, she indicates she won’t be getting married any time soon because she’s young and too “irresponsible and immature.” So let’s recap – she looks great, she’s a movie action figure, smokes pot and admits she’s irrisponsible and immature – Megan Fox is now my dream woman.

Video of Megan Fox interview on Letterman

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