Farrah Abraham Under Fire, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Accused Of Backyard Breeding

Farrah Abraham has been making headlines for the last two weeks without fail. It all began with her feud with Nicki Minaj, and now it has trickled down to her dog being pregnant. Abraham has been filming with MTV since 16 & Pregnant. She is part of the original Teen Mom crowd and while she didn’t immediately jump on board for Teen Mom OG, she returned mid-way through the season. Now that Abraham is back in the limelight full-time, plenty of critics have been slinging insults at her. From Nicki Minaj to a disgruntled relative of Sophia, Abraham sure had her work cut out for her the last few weeks.

There is nothing private in the life of Farrah Abraham. The entire world has seen more of her than any of the other Teen Mom girls. From her adult industry choices to picking fights with co-stars on social media, Abraham makes her presence known. This time she took to social media to share an important moment, but was met with heavy criticism. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham’s dog is going to have puppies. While no specific details were given about how this happened, the accusations started flying. Followers are upset that Abraham didn’t choose to have her dog spayed. Many of them used the shelter line about dogs being killed daily because of over-population.

While there are plenty of arguments about Farrah Abraham, this is one of the most bizarre. An announcement that was supposed to be cute and harmless turned into a media frenzy for Abraham. The situation regarding how the dog became pregnant has not been addressed, but some are assuming it was a breeding deal. Abraham doesn’t appear to be a neglectful pet owner, and the dog likely wasn’t roaming the neighborhood to find a mate. It will be interesting to see how this firestorm is handled by Abraham. The dog actually belongs to her daughter Sophia, which leads to speculation that the dog is well taken care of since Sophia is spoiled.

Earlier this week, Farrah Abraham was confronted by her late-boyfriend’s mother, Stormie Clark, over Teen Mom OG. The tabloids ran with the story, much of which Abraham refuted. She stands by the notion that Clark stole Sophia from a babysitter when she was a few months old. Abraham has not let her see her daughter since then, but has remained in contact with Derek Underwood’s father and step-mother. That has since died down, just in time for this new scandal rocking Abraham’s life.

Social media is a part of life for Farrah Abraham. She is constantly posting photos and sharing her life with both critics and fans. Several of her Instagram photos seem to get a lot of attention. Earlier today, Abraham shared that her dog was expecting puppies in just under three weeks. According to New York Daily News, Farrah Abraham is being heavily criticized by animal advocates. They are accusing her of contributing to over-population and backyard breeding. While there are some positive comments on the post, much of it is people telling Abraham she isn’t a responsible pet owner.

After a rough two weeks, Farrah Abraham is starting to learn when to pick and choose her battles. Something like this with the dog isn’t necessarily worth her time. Abraham did respond to the comments from Stormie Clark, but that was only because Sophia was involved. There may have been some questioning of Abraham’s decisions, but her devotion to Sophia has never been doubted. Farrah Abraham always does something for someone to criticize, and this time it just happens to be announcing her dog is expecting puppies.

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