Emily Sears Instagram: Model Gets 1 To 2 D*** Pics Per Day – So Emily Sends Them To Wives And Girlfriends Of Men

Emily Sears didn’t want to get any more photos of genitalia from men on Instagram, or d*** pics, as they are known. One look at the sort-of NSFW Instagram account of Sears — who is an Australian model working in Los Angeles, and apparently a lover of bears — and one could see why certain guys found it tempting to send the sexy Sears photos of themselves in action. However, Emily found good revenge by describing her favorite pastime: looking up the women attached to those d***-pic sending guys on social media, and breaking the bad news to them that their fellas have sent their junk to Emily. Sears even replied with a pic of said junk, so that the wives and girlfriends really know it’s their man’s specific penis that has been sent to Emily.

“Terribly sorry to tell u that ur partner is sending pictures of his genitals to models on Instagram. I’m telling you this because I’m a girls girl and I think women need to stick together. I want you to know that all types of men do this kind of thing and it’s no reflection on you. You deserve better treatment than this. [Heart emoji.]”

As reported by the Independent, this whole viral news story about how Emily responds to penis pics showing up in her direct messages started with an NSFW tweet by Emily that contains a partial penis pic, so viewers beware.

“Here’s when happens when you send me d*** pics to DM. I do not play. Names hidden to protect this woman’s privacy. [Hand emoji ‘stop in the name of love’ or ‘talk to the hand’ palm out style.]”

That Twitter tweet, tweeted on January 17, has been retweeted more than 600 times, and liked more than 150 times. Loads of news articles have been written about Emily’s stance on penis pics, and Sears’ Twitter timeline is full of reactions. One sad tweet shows Emily writing that a girl who broke up with her boyfriend after Sears told the girlfriend that her man had sent Emily d*** pics shows the girl reporting that the guy hit her when she broke up with him.

“…about my boyfriend sending unsolicited d*** pics. Just found out he’s done it to 4 other girls. He hit me when I broke up with him. But thank you. I’m free of him now.”

Perhaps what’s more amazing than some of the reactions Emily is receiving, such as the one guy who says it’s their right to send unsolicited pics of penises, is the fact that men would think that’s a turn-on to women anyway. And maybe it is for some women, but experience has shown that while men are generally more visual, women are emotional along with being visual in their attraction to others.

“Good grief, some a** responded to you saying ‘it’s his right to send d*** pics.’ I missed that in our Constitution.

Anyway, Emily’s amazing body makes one look past all the d*** pic melee and ask how the heck does she maintain that amazing body. Sears says her butt is real, but she did admit to getting a skin tightening laser treatment called BodyFX on the Emily Sears Instagram page.

“Had my second #bodyFXtreatment today @premiersurgerycentre (snapchat: EmilySearsAUS) *edit for comments. YES my butt is real. This is a cellulite treatment, it is not surgery. Real a***s have cellulite. Now let’s all move on!”

Apparently, the Body FX laser is something Tiffany Stanley also used, and posted photos on Instagram of the process, making sure to note that it goes along in conjunction with working out and eating right.

“Today I got try out the Body FX skin tightening laser???? I work out hard 5 days a week and eat pretty healthy… But I’m excited to see the progress from this new beauty treatment!@premiersurgerycentre #bodyfx #noninvasive#skintight

Emily sure has found a way to get people talking about d*** pics in her Instagram DM and Sears has apparently found a way to get them to stop.

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