Google’s Project SkyBender Will Deliver Faster Internet From The Air

If you thought your internet was fast enough and it couldn’t get any better than it is right now, you may be wrong. Google has a secret project going on since last summer, called Google SkyBender. Google’s project SkyBender will deliver faster internet speeds, as fast as 5G, from the air. They are using solar powered drones to deliver this new, faster internet for those on the ground.

The Verge explains that Google started this project last summer when they started renting 15,000 square feet of space from Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic is the commercial spaceflight unit that is owned by businessman, Richard Branson. This area they are renting is located at Spaceport America, which is privately owned, in a town close to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This new internet is cutting edge technology that can deliver lighting-fast internet to those of us on the ground up to 40 times faster than what we have now.

According to The Verge, there is already a startup internet service that will be using this new cutting-edge internet to deliver faster speeds of internet to its customer’s homes. This new startup is called Starry and was founded by Aereo founder, Chet Kanojia.

Google has had a lot of projects and Project SkyBender seems promising!
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Although Starry will be the first to use this new faster internet, Google’s project SkyBender is still in test mode. They are currently testing the 5G internet with solar powered drones that they call Centaur. According to the report, Google is paying $1,000 per day to Virgin Galactic for letting them use their hangar and an additional $300,000 to Spaceport America for them to make server installations, millimeter wave transmitters, and more high tech onsite.

This project is a part of Google’s Project Access, which houses Project Loon. Project Loon is the project where they use balloons to send wi-fi signals to people’s homes.

With a project as huge as this comes certain consequences and this is why they are still testing it out. For one thing, with internet speeds this fast, it can also go out just as quickly so those using it will need to have serious power to make sure it is always working properly, according to Popular Science. Other problems that could disrupt this new, lighting fast internet is the weather. Rain, snow, and even fog could cause major problems and disruptions. However, The Verge explains that Google is testing ways that they can transmit this faster internet over much greater distances.

Apparently, Google has a deal with the FCC to keep testing this faster internet until July.

Business Insider says that Google has been competing with Amazon with another project they have had going on called Project Titan. Project Titan is a drone delivery service and since Amazon is so popular with this already, it seems they have some serious competition on their hands right now.

With so many projects going on with Google, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn of another one coming out soon either. They are so technologically advanced, that they seem to be forming new things all the time. One example is the Google self-driving car that came out a while back.

Google's self-driving car is awesome!
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What do you think about Google’s secret project that isn’t so secret anymore? Do you think they will be able to keep this faster, 5G internet that is transmitted with millimeter waves going forever? Sound off with your opinion in the comments below.

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