WWE Rumors: Two More Main Event Stars Injured — Could Miss ‘WrestleMania 32’

As if WWE didn’t have enough injury problems, now, there are two more big-time names on the shelf and they could end up missing a considerable amount of time. It’s even being rumored that they may not be able to be on the card for WrestleMania 32. In the past few days alone, two members of the League of Nations — Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio — have both suffered injuries that could keep them out of the ring for a while.

The two main event-level talents are dealing with injuries and it isn’t overly known how serious they may be just yet. All that can be told is that it could keep them out a bit of time, and it is possible that they may miss the big event in early April.

Sheamus posted that on Twitter on Thursday, and The Wrestling Observer reported that they have confirmed the injury is legitimate. All that appears to be known at this time is that he’s suffering from tendonitis in the arm, and he isn’t expected to be out of the ring too long.

Still, it isn’t exactly known how much time he will miss. It is expected that he will remain on WWE television with the League of Nations until he heals up enough to get back in the ring.

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Sheamus will be kept on TV even with the cast on his arm because once he’s ready to return, WWE doesn’t want him to have been absent for a while. It’s not known if the promotion will comment on the cast or just kind of let things go since he won’t be wrestling for a while.

Unfortunately for WWE, he isn’t the only member of the League of Nations who is out of the ring for now with an injury. Alberto Del Rio is apparently suffering from a back injury that he suffered recently, and he is going to miss a bit of time.

PW Insider states that Del Rio is suffering from a lower back injury, and that is why he didn’t wrestle on WWE TV this past week. He wasn’t even backstage on Tuesday at the SmackDown tapings, and that’s when people realized something was up.

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Alberto Del Rio apparently suffered the injury during the Royal Rumble match after taking a vertical suplex from Brock Lesnar. The suplex injured the lower back of Del Rio, and the current plan is to have him reevaluated at Monday Night Raw in Birmingham, Alabama, on Monday.

At that point, his status should be a bit clearer, and how much time he will miss, if any.

Even though Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto have swapped the United States Title back and forth over the past couple of weeks, WWE was expected to continue their feud. It was rumored that they would even have another title match at Fastlane in February.

This is not going make things any easier on WWE, and the company truly hopes that they are short-term for both members of the League of Nations. There are far too many big names out due to injury right now, and many of them will definitely miss WrestleMania 32.

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio add to this already long list of injuries for WWE and names that may end up missing WrestleMania 32. Many are hopeful that both stars from the League of Nations will not miss much time at all, and that they will be able to be back in the ring before too long.

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