‘Grimm’ Actress Bitsie Tulloch On Eve: ‘Juliette Is Effectively Gone’

It’s taken half of the season for Grimm fans to accept that Juliette Silverton, played by Bitsie Tulloch, was really dead and, even after so much time has passed, it’s still difficult to accept. There was really no way to avoid falling for that adorable veterinarian/perfect girlfriend and, even as a hexenbiest, she still had her charms, so watching Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) take her life at the end of last season was probably the most traumatic event in Grimm‘s four and a half year run.

Now, Tulloch returns in the middle of season 5 as white-haired eve. The cast of characters on Grimm aren’t the only ones needing time to process this new twist. Fans are possibly even more shocked than the grimm himself, so it seems like a well played out move for Bitsie to come forward with some information on the emergence of the mysterious Eve.

Grimm‘s Bitsie Tulloch Says Eve Is “A Little Bit Like Alias, A Little Bit Like Nikita

Ms. Tulloch explains that Juliette really is gone, has been gone since her season 4 death. A group, which goes by the name of Hadrian’s Wall, claimed Juliette’s body and used it to create a powerful weapon, naming her Eve. Bitsie says that, while the new Grimm character may look like a platinum blonde Juliette, that’s where all resemblances end. Hadrian’s Wall recognized that they were dealing with a hexenbiest and worked to reign her in, retraining her to work as their own weapon in the oncoming war.

“So they almost have broken her into submission — into becoming a weapon for Hadrian’s Wall. So, you’re not going to see much of Juliette,” says the Grimm actress. “This new character is very different. It’s a little bit like Alias, a little bit like Nikita. She’s a weapon, and when she’s outside of the underground compound where she lives and sleeps, she has to go undercover because she’s still in Portland.”

Juliette Silverton Becomes A Wesen Superhero, As the Black Claw Wesen Uprising Threatens To Tear Portland Apart

When we last saw Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette, she was powerful, but unfocused and filled with rage. Hadrian’s Wall helped her with that and, as Tulloch returns to Grimm as an essentially new character, we find that they have transformed the feral hexenbiest into a well-ordered Eve.

Even Eve herself recognizes that, left to her own devices, Juliette would have claimed the lives of many innocents, including Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), before self-destructing herself.

Now, as season 5 of Grimm resumes, Eve has the benefit of the training she received from Hardain’s Wall and, while she doesn’t feel controlled or manipulated by them, Eve does recognize the wisdom in maintaining an alliance with the group. She also feels a sense of gratitude toward them for all they have done to help her develop, almost as though she views them as her creators.

“She was so out of control as Juliette; she was wreaking destruction everywhere and she could have killed Nick. So for her mentally to justify her existence, it’s ‘I have to work with Hadrian’s Wall, and I need to help suppress the Black Claw wesen uprising.'”

Ms. Tulloch adds that the Eve character will remain a mystery throughout the rest of the season, even to herself, because the producers and writers are working together for a slow reveal. Bitsie does say that other Grimm characters reveal much about Eve in their reactions to her, displaying feelings of both awe and fear, as Eve acts to help and/or save them from episode to episode.

“There’s an episode where there’s your typical really bad guy, and he won’t talk, and what Eve does to him to get him to talk is really terrifying,” the Grimm actress adds.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC.

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