Zayn Malik’s ‘Pillowtalk’ Receives Praise On Twitter, But One Former Bandmate Isn’t A Fan, Source Reports

Fans have been waiting for this moment since the day he left One Direction. Zayn Malik released his much-anticipated “Pillowtalk” single today, and people across the Internet totally flipped for the new, crooning sound Malik showcased on his R&B single.

MTV and E! Online both went so far as to call the new track “sexy,” and MTV took it a step further writing that the song is far better than anyone expected.

“[‘Pillowtalk’] eclipses all expectations for just how libidinous his music could be. The loud, sexy track has F-bombs and heavy beats galore, but Zayn’s vocals stand front and center, shining on one h— of a towering chorus.”

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, Hollywood Life is reporting that one of Zayn Malik’s One Direction bandmates doesn’t think the song is all that it’s made out to be. In fact, according to a source for the celebrity website, Harry Styles doesn’t like the song at all.

“Harry thinks it’s called ‘Pillowtalk’ because the song puts you to sleep. He really doesn’t think that it is as good as anything that 1D has done with or without Zayn.”

Harry seems to be in the minority this time around. On Twitter, for example, fans overwhelmingly praised the song, calling the song worthy of “non-stop loop” play.

The song is the first released by Malik since he left One Direction on March 25, 2015. Fittingly, Malik also announced that he would release his full-length album, titled Mind of Mine, on March 25 — one year to the day after he left One Direction.

Along with the sexy new “Pillowtalk” single, the former 1D band member also released a sultry video starring none other than his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. The video features the pair in some steamy make out sessions, which should come as no surprise. Check out the video below.

The song features a brand new sound for Malik, who previously said he left One Direction because the music the band made was “uncool.” In an interview earlier this week, Zayn went as far as to say that he felt creatively stifled by the sound of One Direction, and then he dropped a bombshell by saying he never wanted to be part of a pop band in the first place.

If Zayn Malik’s upcoming album is anything like his first single, it’s unlikely that the 23-year-old Brit will ever have to be part of a music group again. Entertainment Weekly compared Malik’s sound to that of Justin Bieber, whom fans know has had a wildly successful solo career. If there is any more music like “Pillowtalk” ahead, it’s likely that Zayn Malik could follow suit.

“The song is reminiscent of the echoing, pop-R&B production found on Justin Bieber’s Purpose, and is certainly different from Malik’s output during his 1D days.”

What do you think of Harry Styles’ alleged comments that Zayn Malik’s new single “Pillowtalk” is boring and could “put you to sleep?” Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

Find out more about Zayn Malik’s first solo single, “Pillowtalk” in the video below.

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