Teresa Giudice Revealing All In Tell-All Book Including Lesbian Prison Love

It is almost time for Teresa Guidice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to have her new book released. Radar Online shared some of the details about what Teresa is going to reveal in her book. Giudice isn’t holding anything back and is going to be talking all about her time in prison. The book is called Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again. This new book is coming out on February 9.

Teresa Giudice spent her time in prison writing this book. While she was behind bars, Teresa Giudice wrote 23 pages of the book at a time. Once Teresa got those 23 pages done, she would send them to her lawyer. This may sound odd, but she had a good reason for it. It was shared that “there were concerns inmates would try and steal the book as it was being written.” Teresa Giudice didn’t want to take any chances; she would send it off a little at a time to her lawyer so he could keep it in his safe hands.

An insider shareed that Teresa Giudice only made it through prison because of all of the visits with her family. During the first two weeks behind bars, Teresa Giudice cried a lot and it was really hard on her. A source said she has changed for the better because of this experience, though. It sounds like Teresa Giudice came out of jail a better woman.

Teresa Giudice had a hard time with the strip searches that she had to deal with while in prison. Now, Teresa is sharing her thoughts on strip searches in her book.

“The first strip search had Teresa completely rattled. It was humiliating. The prison staff were professionals, and did it very quickly. But after each visit with the family, Teresa would have to go through the process all over again. It became routine in the end, and she understood the staff were just doing their job. That’s covered in the book.”

Daily Mail actually shared today that Teresa Giudice’s first interview since she got out of prison will be coming soon. Good Morning America was actually able to seal the deal on this interview and will be the first outlet to speak to her since her release from prison. The interview will be airing on February 9, which is the same day Teresa Giudice’s book comes out. Teresa sat down for her interview with GMA vet Amy Robach, who tweeted about the exclusive on Thursday. The interview won’t be live, as it has already been filmed.

At this time, Teresa Giudice is under house arrest, but she is allowed to go out with permission. Her house arrest will end soon and in a short time her husband Joe Giudice will end up being the one behind bars. Teresa will be a single mom for a while, but seems able to handle it just fine.

Did Teresa Giudice decide to have a lesbian hook-up behind bars? It turns out that she didn’t, but Teresa is shocked by what went on in prison. Teresa Giudice will share all about how it was behind bars, and how she even got a bit of a vibe from some of the women who were interested in her. Luckily for Teresa, she did make some friends behind bards. Someone gave her a pair of flip flops to borrow in the shower until she could buy her own.

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