Evan Rachel Wood Gets Nose Pierced, Posts Painful-Looking Video

Evan Rachel Wood has gotten her nose pierced, and she wants the world to feel just how painful it was.

The 24-year-old actress posted a YouTube video (embedded below for your viewing displeasure) of the piercing procedure taking place, titled ‘Drive-by body pierce.’

In the footage, Wood moans and groans through her contorted face as the needle and stud are applied through her schnoz – as the majority of us would, I imagine.

A curt ‘Ah, f***’ from the True Blood star rounds the video off. It’s not for the very queasy, and all that moaning may raise questions if you watch this with speakers ramped up at work.

Wood, who is dating fellow actor Jamie Bell (and who may or may not be married to him – they’re keeping schtum), got her piercing at House of Ink, a Venice Beach tattoo parlor which has long proven popular with celebs seeking a spot of body modification.

Despite her obvious discomfort during the piercing, Wood seems pretty pleased with the new hole in her face, and later took to her Twitter feed to thank her piercer personally:

Moments later, she was back with a warning:

Here’s the video of Evan Rachel Wood getting her nose pierced:

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