Amber Portwood Sued Over Unpaid Bills: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Star Struggling With Money?

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is trying to get her life back on track. Amber was released from prison while filming Teen Mom, and she was eager to get her life back on track. After trying to date a few guys and work out a custody agreement, Portwood is finding peace in her new relationship. She’s planning a wedding to Matt Baier, and she’s hoping that she can get more time with her daughter. But these days, Portwood is dealing with a serious financial issue. According to a new Radar Online report, Amber Portwood is being sued for not paying a medical bill.

Apparently, Amber hasn’t paid for a hospital bill totaling $1,463.57, plus interest and court fees. This bill is from St. Vincent Fishers Hospital in the nearby town of Fishers. The papers were filed on behalf of the medical facility. No word on what she got done at the hospital, but they feel that she may have run from the medical bill.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, according to Radar Online. Apparently, Amber Portwood moved from the time she had the procedure and the lawsuit being filed. In other words, she never got the bill in the first place. At the court hearing that took place earlier this month, it was revealed that Amber was served at her former home and had no idea the papers were even filed.

These days, Amber Portwood is investing money into the home-flipping business. She invested money into a home that she could flip with her future husband. This journey was shown on Teen Mom, as they looked for the perfect flip. Amber hasn’t talked about her financial situation, but she’s getting a paycheck from Teen Mom, and she’s written a book. It is possible that she has some money on her bank account, and she should be able to pay for this medical bill if she can buy a home.

But Amber Portwood hasn’t had an easy year. As fans have seen on Teen Mom, Gary Shirley is trying to keep Leah in his custody. He doesn’t seem too happy about sharing custody with Amber even though she has proven herself. And according to Us Weekly, Gary wants Portwood to know everything there is to know about her future husband. On next week’s episode of Teen Mom, Gary will confront Portwood about Matt’s past, something Amber may not know much about.

“It’s nothing between you and I,” Gary explains to Amber after asking her to speak with him, adding, “But I’m giving this to you. I don’t know if you’re aware, but this is coming up. Do you know how many kids he has?”

Amber tells Gary that Matt has two kids, but Gary has clearly done his research. He claims that Matt has seven children, not the two that Amber knows about. She claims that she has talked to Matt about his children, but Gary claims that all of his exes are now asking him for child support and that it is public knowledge. In the preview for the episode, he shows Amber the papers, and she looks shocked.

“That’s not his kids. I’ve talked to his exes,” Amber reveals, with Gary replying, “OK, well, they’re hitting him for child support right now.”

Fans will have to wait until next week to see how the scene unfolds, and how Portwood reacts when she confronts Matt about this news.

What do you think of Amber Portwood being sued over a medical bill? Do you think she just moved and missed the bill, or do you think she’s having some financial issues and can’t pay the bill?

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