WWE News: NXT Champion Finn Balor Not Expected To Leave WWE NXT For A While

When it comes to WWE NXT, the face of the organization is still clearly Sami Zayn. He has been there seemingly longer than any other active person on that roster. Zayn came in right when WWE transitioned from FCW to NXT, which allowed him to be there when everything got going. He was the one who helped build the place along with Seth Rollins, Neville, and Bo Dallas.

However, one man came in and pretty much changed all of this and has been a top star since he first arrived. That man’s name is Finn Balor. Coming out of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Balor was a multi-time champion there where he was receiving worldwide acclaim. He helped to put NJPW on the map far more than they were before. Whether it was the Bullet Club that he helped to start and then led until the day he left or the paint he brought out for major events, Balor was THE MAN in New Japan.

The thought was that some of the attention he had there would come with him to WWE. It did. Then more guys came in like Kevin Owens and the rest was history. The problem NXT will eventually face is the lack of star-power. The top guys are going to head up to the main roster. Most believe Sami will be main roster bound after WrestleMania.

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Balor, however, may be sticking around for a while. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is not planning to call up Finn Balor any time soon as they want him to be the main star for NXT.

The best thing for most people is to have a mix of the two, like they did with Kevin Owens. Clearly, Triple H wants to have a top NXT star, but you have to make others on the way there. WWE has yet to really do this as only Apollo Crews has really done anything with Balor. Others include the likes of Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe, who very well could be on the main roster soon, too. Kevin Owens was already on when Balor worked with him, and Sami Zayn could be if and when he works with him.

NXT writers have to go about putting Balor with people, otherwise there will be no one to take Balor’s place when he does get called up. If he ends up holding the NXT Championship for over a year with no call-up in sight, there would be a huge problem that would need to be addressed.

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One thing puzzling many people is that PWInsider reported that Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are set to sign main roster contracts. This means that they would of course go straight to the main roster upon arrival, exactly as AJ Styles did when he made his WWE at The Royal Rumble last weekend. We’ve heard all along that WWE was going to have Gallows and Anderson come in to form the Balor Club stable with Finn Balor in NXT, and eventually go to the main roster with him.

This would mean that WWE either wants to have them join AJ Styles to form a different faction similar to The Bullet Club, or they are simply paying these guys a big amount to do whatever they need and don’t want to change up their deals when they go from NXT to the main roster or back down. It makes too much sense to not have him come in with Balor after all the teasing he has done with them on social media.

We will have to wait and see what occurs with them in WWE, but for now we at least know Finn Balor isn’t going anywhere for a while.

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