WWE News: Backstage Reaction To The Rock’s Off-Script Promo On ‘WWE Raw’

As the WWE Universe watched WWE Raw on Monday night, they saw the return of the Rock. Earlier that day, the WWE social media team teased a big return from a “major WWE superstar.” Immediately, the Rock, Daniel Bryan and the Undertaker were the names that came to mind.

However, Bryan isn’t getting pushed to come back immediately. He’ll be lucky to get cleared by the WWE medical team. The Undertaker wouldn’t be considered as a “big return.” Reason being, he last wrestled in Hell in a Cell against Brock Lesnar. Taker was a big part of the Summer. Therefore, the Rock was the logical choice because they were in his hometown, Miami. Plus, he’s filming Ballers, which takes place in the city of Miami.

Image via WWE
Image via WWE

It was unclear what the Rock would be doing. He’s already confirmed to appear at WrestleMania 32, but the capacity in which he’s appearing is unknown at this time. There were reports of him working against Brock Lesnar or Triple H, but after WWE Raw’s segment, it could involve the Usos and the New Day.

After the Rock’s hilarious, exceptional, and near-perfect segment on WWE Raw, Vince McMahon, as well as other WWE officials, weren’t very happy with the Great One. In fact, according to Ringside News and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a lot of WWE officials were furious when the Rock went off-script.

“The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there were people backstage freaking out over the incident. The feeling is anyone else short of John Cena would have been fired for an incident like that, but what can they do? It’s The Rock. He can do whatever he wants, go over in time, vary from the script, etc.”

It’s clear that the Rock didn’t care what he was doing in that ring, but that’s why the segment worked for the WWE Universe. He didn’t even have note cards or bullet points to go off of. Sometimes, the best promos in WWE history are ones that didn’t have a script attached to it. For example, CM Punk was told before the infamous “pipebomb” to air his grievances on the ramp.

CM Punk kissing Vince bye
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There wasn’t a WWE writer who told him what his own grievances were. That would’ve never worked. Apparently, Rock’s promo went over well with the WWE Universe. The Rock posted the following on Instagram:

Cool #WWE news: Our 26min #RAW segment pulled in big ratings. THANK YOU to all my talented dancin’ partners – Miz, Big Show, Lana & Rusev, Usos and New Day for coming to play in the sandbox to entertain the world. I grew up in and lived the crazy life you guys have of living and performing on the road – and I appreciate and respect all the hard work you put in nightly. And shout out to the entire backstage RAW production and camera crew – you guys are the backbone of RAW and I appreciate ya being such pros. Most importantly, THANK YOU #WWEUniverse/fans for being the best. Period. Let’s have some fun and break some records at WRESTLEMANIA and afterwards we’ll make Vince treat the entire company to Waffle House. #PeoplesChamp4L

That was to be expected, frankly. The Rock is the WWE’s biggest star right now and even though he shows up a month or two out of the year, it’s still a great sight to see. When Dwayne Johnson says he came “home,” he truly means it. If it weren’t for the WWE, he wouldn’t have been discovered.

Rock was always destined for greatness, but the path without WWE would’ve been much different. Now, where does Rock’s involvement with WrestleMania go from here? Don’t be shocked to see the New Day vs. the Rock and the Usos at WrestleMania 32. That would be where the New Day drops the belts. Plus, the Rock isn’t wrestling HHH and Brock Lesnar will face Bray Wyatt. Is it going to be all about family at WrestleMania?

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