Jim Morrison Is Living As A Homeless Hippy In New York, According To Shock You Tube Footage

The Doors frontman Jim Morrison didn’t die in a Paris bathtub after all, but he’s alive and well and living on the streets of New York as a homeless hippy — at least according to a YouTube conspiracy theorist.

Up until now, it was largely thought that the Lizard King met his tragic end on July 3, 1971, at the age of 27.

Since Morrison’s early demise, many rumors have been scattered to the four winds about how the Doors singer faked his own death and escaped the grave to become, amongst other things, a captain of industry, a desert island recluse, and a CIA operative. However, considering his hard-living ways, hell-raising behavior, and built-in self-destructive streak, it seemed safe to say that his old friend “The End” finally found Morrison all those years ago, one way or the other.

Yet, a YouTube filmmaker who goes by the name of Brokkkenstar insists that Jimbo didn’t die of heart failure but just disappeared beneath the radar and carried on doing his thing.

The Express reports that since 2009, Brokkenstar has filmed seven encounters with a man who insists his name is Richard but who the cameraman believes could actually be Morrison.

“During the short clips ‘Jim Morrison’ recites poetry, like the Doors frontman used to, and he even sings, and does his trademark dance with arms out wide.”

The heavy-drinking and chain-smoking subject of Brokkenstar’s attentions claims he has no idea who Jim Morrison actually was, but the filmmaker who used to be Richard’s landlord claims he has known him for 20 years, and in the early days, he was said to look a dead ringer for The Doors singer.

“I have known him for over 20 years, and 20 years ago his hair color was dark brown and beard too, and he looked like the last pictures we know of Morrison.

“When I first met him in the eighties, he was handsome, young, with long hair, shaved, and always cool. From the get go I would say to him how much he reminded me of Jim Morrison. He never denied it, just would smile, always friendly, and say the most out of this world kind of things. Who really knows, he still is the same in how he thinks cosmically, metaphysically, and always cool, hip, and beat, just like the word man.

“He’s always doing jingles, speaking poetical, talking philosophical, keeping journals, and remaining aloof.

“This guy never has claimed to be Jim Morrison. Nor has he claimed not to be Jim Morrison when ever I would call him Morrison.”

Is This Really Jim Morrison?
Is this really Jim Morrison? [Image via YouTube]

Brokkenstar has uploaded a series of videos of his meetings with the man he believes to be the Doors icon.

During one chance encounter in Little Italy, Brokkenstar writes, “I gave him a cup of wine and we talked. I asked if he was still keeping a journal and he said yes. I jokingly introduced him to some guy as Jim Morrison and he smirked and gave a strange look my way.”

He continued, “As quickly as he came, he split, but before he left I asked him to say something to the YouTube audience, and he sang a song which finally I was able to record.”

One commentator snapped, “Ha! Ha! If that’s Jim Morrison, I’m JFK.”

A sentiment probably echoed by former Doors drummer John Densmore, who has slammed any rumors of Morrison being alive.

“The start of those rumors was because the casket had been closed when anyone saw him after his death.

“Although Jim was crazy, and would be more capable than anyone I have ever known for faking his own death, but I watched him turn into an alcoholic. I am sorry…he’s dead.”

Is Jim Morrison Alive
Is this really Jim Morrison’s final resting place? [Photo by AP]

Responses to Brokkenstar’s sensational claims have been mixed amongst the YouTube community. Josh Hicks is a true believer and believes the voice don’t lie.

“That last poem flowed really well like a Doors song. Not only that, you can’t hide the voice, despite Jim sounding older, only he could write a poem like that.”

Others were a tad more cynical.

Tam said, “You have to be kidding. Of course he would be older, but he has no features of Jim at all.”

Meanwhile, Professor Chaos was particularly blunt in his conclusion, saying, “That is not Jim, just some old wannabe.”

Yet, perhaps Larry Carpenter hit the nail squarely on the head when he added, “It doesn’t matter if it is Jim or not. It is wonderful that it creates mystery. I don’t think Jim would have a problem with it.”

As for Brokkenstar, that fact that a man who could be Jim Morrison is living on the streets penniless and unknown, when he could lay claim to an estate and back catalog worth millions, only proves that it’s more likely to be the shamanistic clown they called Jimbo.

“Jim was low key, and liked to have fun too, he never took himself to serious, and would not try to impress people with his intelligence, just the opposite; he was friendly, warm, and cool, and would defend the underdog. He never wanted to be the top dog.

“Maybe he just wants to be alone, living under a different name, in a place no one he knew before would think to look, out of sight.”

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

[Photo by AP]

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