Is Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Picture A Fake?

A week has passed since Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth became parents, and what a week it has been. An old cliche says that a week is a long time in politics, but truthfully a week as a fan of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction must sometimes feel like a lifetime. The entire affair surrounding Tomlinson’s baby has been a PR disaster since day one. It scarcely seems credible that a multi-millionaire pop star like Tomlinson, who is surrounded by management, advisors, and a PR team, could have handled what should be one of life’s happiest events so badly.

It is small wonder that many of Tomlinson’s fans believe the entire story is a PR stunt dreamt up by management to keep Louis closeted. Thousands of One Direction fans believe passionately that Tomlinson and bandmate Harry Styles are longtime partners and that the whole pregnancy story was invented to hide Louis and Harry’s relationship.

The fact that Louis’ made virtually no comment about Briana’s pregnancy and has never once mentioned her name in public convinced many fans that the whole story was a sick PR stunt. It must be said that, when it has come to Freddie Tomlinson, Louis’ son, the truth is often stranger than fiction. In fact many fans believe that the affair has been handled so bizarrely that you could not make it up.

The only comment that Tomlinson made about his baby prior to his arrival was his rather awkward statement on Good Morning America last August. Tomlinson has never been seen in Jungwirth’s company since a few paparazzi shots emerged of them exiting a nightclub last May. After the baby arrived last Friday, we awaited a press release saying that Louis was delighted to announce his son had been born and that mother and baby were doing fine. What did we see? Nothing. Well nothing until a message was posted on Louis’ Twitter account at 4 a.m. Saturday morning after Tomlinson had been out partying.

Later that day, TMZ were placed to snatch a clip of video showing Louis wearing a hospital bracelet as he visited, of all places, Sunglass Hut. As was reported in Inquisitr Louis looked like he would rather have been walking barefoot on hot coals as he undertook that pap walk.

Since the arrival of Louis’ baby, speculation has run wild. The Sun reported that Tomlinson had a massive fight with Briana’s mother and was banned from the delivery room as a result; they claim Louis was only allowed back in at the very last moment. Meanwhile The Mirror first reported that Louis had been banned from the delivery room, then claimed that Louis fiercely denies that this was the case and says Louis was by Briana’s side throughout her labor.

Similar conflicting stories were published by numerous outlets as we saw reports about fights over child support, fake pictures emerged claiming to be the first shots of little Freddie Tomlinson. We even saw misleading stories about the baby’s name.

On Thursday, The Telegraph reported that Louis had posted a picture on Instagram showing him bare chested holding his son and announcing that his name would be Freddie.

That, one would think, lays the baby hoax rumors to rest. Not so. The photograph shared by Louis is professionally shot and beautifully lit to show a connection between father and son. However some fans question why the shot was converted to Black and White and point out that the area where Louis chin touches Freddie’s head appears to have been doctored. Some claim that Louis cannot be the father because the original colour image shows that the baby is a redhead, and neither Louis or Briana are redheads.

Louis Tomlinson Freddie copy
Image Via Tumblr

That claim is of course totally ridiculous: there is absolutely no need for parents to be redheads for them to produce a redheaded child. The metadata for the above image shows that it was colorized from the original, so it seems that someone is trying to convince Louis’ fans that the original was faked.

There are of course some subtle edits in the picture of Tomlinson and baby Freddie, but any professional photographer worth their salt edits their photographs to get the finished product they were looking for.

Of course the posting of a few tweets and photographs will never outweigh the disastrous way that Freddie Tomlinson’s birth has been handled. It is small wonder that Tomlinson’s fans treat the matter with suspicion. As many have pointed out, the whole affair was easily handled with a press statement from Tomlinson when the pregnancy was leaked and another when the baby was was born. Instead Tomlinson seems to have tried to bury the whole issue and instead of privacy Louis has instigated a three-ring circus.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]

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