112-Year-Old Nepal Woman Smokes 30 Cigarettes A Day, Says Smoking Helps Her Longevity

An 112-year-old woman in Nepal claims that smoking 30 cigarettes a day is in some way the cause of her living for so many years. However she does go on to stress her cigarettes are natural and are not one of the chemical-laden, store bought brands.

As we all well know, smoking is not good for your health – except, apparently, in the case of 112-year-old Batuli Lamichhane, who started puffing away at the age of 17. Since then, Lamichhane has been smoking the equivalent of more than a pack of cigarettes every day of her very long life.

Born in March 1903, Lamichhane has been smoking for 95 years in total so far and as can be seen from the images below, she holds her cigarette in an unusual way, using her entire fist while puffing in what she claims is the life-prolonging smoke.

With her head surrounded by smoke, she told Indiatoday that she started smoking at a young age and that it has become a habit. “I don’t think I can quit now,” she admitted.

However, Lamichhane did say she doesn’t have a secret for long life and that she doesn’t really know why she’s lived so long, but she says smoking does relieve stress in her life and keeps her happy.

According to Lamichhane, her husband abandoned her eight decades ago when he moved to India looking for work, leaving her with five children to raise on her own.

She does admit that she doesn’t care how old she is, but that she is old nonetheless, adding, “I have seen a lot of things change during my lifetime.”

According to the lady, people in these modern times have far too much stress. She said that “those who do not work or are idle in their old age won’t live long.” Lamichhane says you have to be active and stress free to be able to live as long as she has.

Speaking in an interview, Lamichhane said, “I have been smoking for over 95 years. There is nothing wrong with smoking.”

The 112-year-old lady did have some sound advice to give smokers, however, saying you should never smoke the commercially-made brands. In her case she sticks to the locally made “beedis,” or hand rolled cigarettes with natural tobacco, preferably made from tendu leaves.

As reported by the Metro, Lamichhane’s eldest son is now 85 years of age and she has great grand children. Her other four children have passed away, predeceasing her.

While reportedly Lamichhane’s speech is difficult to understand, the 112-year-old great grandmother still does all her chores by herself.

She lost the roof of her house when it caved in following the devastating earthquake in Nepal last year but refuses to give in and relocate to a relative’s home. She reportedly survives off donations from a local Hindu temple for food and, of course, her precious beedis.

Reiterating the fact that people nowadays suffer from too much stress, she said happiness is also a key factor to a long and healthy life, saying, “You should always be happy, then you will live a long life.”

In conclusion, while Lamichhane has chain-smoked her way to the age of 112 years, possibly the best advice this inspirational lady has given us is to live life to the fullest, stress-free and happy.

[Photo via Flickr by Meena Kadri/CC BY 2.0]

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